10 Foods That Are Harmful to Birds

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Birds are naturally social animals and for that reason many owners always want to include their pets when it comes to dinner time.

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Well you can have plenty of fun sharing your food with your bed and also have lots of great emotional health benefits for the animal there are some particular human foods that can not only be harmful but sometimes fatal for your bird friend.

So if you are already a bird owner or you’re looking to become a bird owner, the foods below must be avoided if you want to feed your bird with human foods.

1. Chocolate


Chocolate is not only a healthy treat but it is one that many humans cannot leave a week without eating however while it is good enough to share with family members it can be very harmful to your pet bird.

Chocolate is so dangerous to bird that when birds consume it it is termed chocolate poisoning. When a bird consumes chocolate it begins to experience the effects from its digestive system which leads to vomiting and diarrhoea.

As the poisoning condition progresses, the birds nervous system will become affected first leading to seizures and eventually the death of the bird.

2. Apple seeds

Apple seeds

A lot of us grow up to believe that birds feed on fruits well this is true fruits like apple along with other fruits that are members of the rose family such as apricots cherries pears and peaches contain some amount of cyanide in their seeds.


In addition to the poisonous apple seeds, some apples might have pesticides on their skin which is why you must thoroughly clean and core any apple fruit pieces that you desire to share with your pet bird so that exposure to these toxins can be avoided.

3. Alcohol


Even though irresponsible bird owner would never consider offering its pet any alcoholic drink there have been cases where free-roaming birds have suffered alcohol poisoning by offering themselves unattended cocktails.

Alcohol can be fatal to birds because it depresses their organ systems. Whenever you have alcohol in your home, make sure they are tightly covered. And also if you are serving them, restrict your bird to its cage till the drinking is over.

4. Salt


While we already know that almost all living things require a regulated amount of sodium in their bodies too much salt can be dangerous to birds just the same way it can be dangerous to humans.

When your bird is exposed or consumes too much salt it would begin to experience things like excessive thirst kidney dysfunction dehydration and even death. Pay attention to the number of salty foods that you allow your bird to consume.

5. Avocado


For us humans avocados are one of the most nutritious fruits we can think of it has lots of health benefits and for this reason some bird owners might be tempted to offer this fruit to their pets.

It is vital that you know that the pit and skin of this famous fruit has been known to cause cardiac distress which eventually becomes hot failure in pet bird species.


Even though there are some about the level of toxicity of avocados, it is best to adopt a better safe than sorry attitude when it comes to giving them to birds. Make sure to prevent your bird from getting access to guacamole and other avocado products.

6. Mushroom


Mushrooms are a type of fungus that are healthy for humans even though there are some poisonous ones. However, even the ones that are edible have been known to cause digestive upset in pet birds. never let your bird consume a mushroom whether raw or cooked.

7. Tomato leaves and other nightshades

Just like potatoes and other nightshades, tomatoes have a tasty fruit that is wonderful as a treat for both humans and birds.

However, we cannot say the same for the vine and the leaves. whenever you decide to offer your bird a tomato treat, ensure that it has been properly washed, cleaned, and sliced with all the green parts carefully removed so that your bird is not exposed to any form of toxins.

Because of the high acidic content of tomatoes they are not the best options of fruits to offer your bird. You can go for other vegetables and fruits that are bird friendly.

8. Caffeine

Caffeinated beverages such as coffee soda and tea are very famous amongst humans and even a lot of people start their day drinking one of these.

However, it would be wrong to expose your bird to any of these drinks as they can be very hazardous to the creature. caffeine can lead to cardiac malfunction in birds and it is associated with increased heartbeat hyperactivity arrhythmia and cardiac arrest.

If you must share a drink picture bird make sure it is a healthy drink that is made up of pure fruit or vegetable such as smoothies or juices that will satisfy both your bird’s tastebuds and your nutritional requirements.

9. Onions



While a limited amount of garlic or onion powders used as flavouring is generally believed to be acceptable. excessive consumption of onions can lead to diarrhoea vomiting and a host of other digestive problems in birds.

It has also been discovered that prolonged exposure to onions can cause blood conditions known as hemolytic anaemia which usually proceeds a respiratory distress that causes death eventually.

10. Dried beans

Dried beans

Cooked beans are one of the favourite treats for a lot of pet birds are never dry or robins can be extremely harmful to this animals. Raw or uncooked beans contains a poison known as hemagglutinin which has been discovered to be toxic to birds.

To avoid putting your bird at risk of consuming beans with this poison tara leigh cook your beans if you decide to share them with your pet bird and also avoid leaving dried beans in areas that are easily accessible to your pet.

What do you think about this 10 common foods that can be poisonous to your pet bird? If you know any other food fruit or vegetable that is poisonous to birds, please feel free to talk about them in the comments section. We look forward to having an interaction with you.

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