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10 Unique Tricks to Teach Your Dog

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When a lot of people think about dog training, all that comes to their mind are the basic dig training commands that almost every dog owner knows – stay, come, down, and sit.

While there are basic training are vital, it would be a mistake to underestimate the advantages of training your dog to do nice tricks. Dogs need lots of mental stimulation and dog tricks happen to be one of the ways you can mentally stimulate your canine.

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There’s no rocket science involved in training your pet to do cool tricks, all you have to do is start with the basic command training and gradually teach your dog how to do a couple of other interesting things that you can show your friends when next they visit.

1. Teach your dog to give doggie kisses

First of all most people belive the dog myth that a dog’s mouth is alot cleaner than ours. For alot of commonsensical reasons you can tell that it is not true and because of that alot of people may not be comfortable with having their dog give them one of those adorable, wet doggie kisses.

It’s fine if you can’t deal with a doggie kiss, but with proper oral hygiene and regular visits to the vet, teaching your good to give kisses might just be a way to make your kids giggle.

To teach your dog to kiss, all you need to do is put a little piece of treat on your cheeks and use the command that will have your doggie all over you and ready to lick. This dog trick is not only going to help you get all the love and affecting you want from the dog, but it’ll also help to prevent unwanted licking.

2. Teach your dog to speak

This seems a little weird because we know very well that dogs cannot speak like humans. However, there is no reason to be afraid because what we mean here is nothing close to the human kind of speaking but teaching your dog to know when it’s the right time to bark and when you want peace.

One problem that some dog owners have had to deal with us excessive barking and dog trainers have recommended using the speak and quiet command to resolve that behavior problem.

Training your dog to answer this command puts you in charge of when your dog should bark and when the barking should stop. And if you are one of those who would like to show off their dog’s conversational skills at gatherings with friends and family, this trick is the opportunity you have been waiting for.

3. Teach your dog to back up

One very fun dog trick is teaching your dog to back up. Dogs are like kids who want so bad to go outside and play whenever the door is open, and that explains why they are always quick to run out.

Once your dog knows the backup command, it will come in handy whenever you want to stop him from crowding you when you go to the refrigerator, when you want to stop it from rushing to the door, and even when you just want to show your friend how cool your pet is.

Teaching a dog to back up isn’t difficult, all you need is some treats and plenty of patience. You can teach your canine to back up a few steps simply by giving the command.

4. Teach your dog to shake paws

This dog treat has to be the coolest in the book if you ask me. Nothing is cuter than having a well trained and accommodating dog. Imagine how you’d feel if you needed someone to welcome your guests while you finish up your cooking, and your dog goes right to the door and starts to shake hands (or paws in this case) with them as they come in.

Sounds interesting and nice yea? You can actually have your dog do that for you. All that is needed is a few short treating sessions, and your dog will be ready to shake you whenever you want him to.

Most dogs naturally love to do things with their paws so expect that your dog will enjoy this one especially because positive attention will be involved.

5. Wave hello and goodbye

Its always cool to see your dog do unusual things and teaching your dog to wave goodbye or hello is one of the coolest things that any dog owner can teach his or her canine to do. To get your dog to wave at you whenever you want, you need first to teach the dog to shake paws.

The same action you used in teaching your dog to shake paws is what will be used to teach him to lift his paw to wave. This trick is not only interesting it is an attention-getting one, and it is really nice to watch.

6. Teach your dog to spin

Do you want to watch your dog spin? You don’t have to think about it as difficult because all you have to do is hold a treat near your pets unos and it would become easy to lure him into a spin. He wants to make the trick extra cool or a little difficult you can decide to teach your canine to spin in a specific direction.

This is just one way you can show people that your dog knows the difference between its left and its right.

7. Teach your dog to beg

Begging is almost a natural thing for dogs and not every dog owner finds it’s nice however sometimes it can be really cute to see your dog sitting on its hind legs and sweetly begging you for a treat.

This is one of the most difficult dog tricks to train your canine to do, but with a little patience on your part, your pet will soon be able to sit up and beg you for what it wants.

8. Teach your dog to roll over

Teaching a dog to roll over is also a very common dog trick and a lot of people teach their dogs to roll over in several small parts before they eventually work it up gradually to having the dog roll over all the way.

Training a dog to do this trick will take a lot of effort from you, but at the end of the day, you will discover that it is all worth it. Rolling over is lots of fun, and also it serves as one of the foundations to teaching your dog other dog tricks like teaching it to play dead.

9. Teaching your dog to play dead

Imagine how interested and surprised your friends will be when you hold your fingers like a gun and say pow and your dog drops to the ground and plays dead. Even though this looks like a very interesting and impressive trick, it is not as difficult as you think it would be to train your dog to do this trick especially when it has already been trained to roll over.

10. Teach your dog to take a bow

Thinking about is not only for humans your dog can also learn to perform this trick all it involves is having your dog place its chest on the ground while having his rare and up in the air.

Imagining how district works would have you believe that it is a difficult one to train a dog to do especially because of the position of the body but in reality bowing is one of the natural things a dog can do.

If you’ve ever paid attention to two dogs playing together, you will notice that the frequently take a bow which means it is not so difficult. Dog trainers referred to bowing behavior while playing as a play bow.

Bowing is also a way that dogs ask their friends to play with them so since this is an instinct you can use that natural playfulness to train your dog to take a bow and it is also a great way to end a demonstration of any of the other wonderful tricks your dog must have learned.

These are only 10 of all the wonderful dog tricks you can teach your pet and trust that you would find them helpful one way or another as time goes on.

Is there any other dog trick you feel should have been added to this list or is there any trick that your dog does and you would like to share please use the comment section to let us know what these tricks are.

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