People say that dogs are man’s best friends and these animals have proven that to be true time and again.

In case you’re one of those humans who are not really excited about having a pet around the following dogs should melt your heart and send you straight to the pet store to get yourself one.

Below are some of the dog breeds that will melt your heart instantly regardless of how you feel about having an animal in your home.

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1. Maltese

Maltese are small white dogs that are usually around 8 inches to 10 inches tall.

If you have a Maltese dog, you did not have to bother about how it would behave around your friends or strangers because it is one dog that has been discovered to greet everyone it meets as if they have been friends for a long time.

The lifespan of a Maltese dog is usually between 12 to 15 years.

2. Bernese mountain dog

The Bernese mountain dog used to big odds for cattle in Switzerland but times are changing, and these dogs have become wonderful family dogs.

Bernese mountain dogs are very kind and loyal to their human friends and quite aloof of strangers. The lifespan of this dog is usually between 6 to 8 years.

3. Bichon Frise dog

This has to be one of the cutest small dog breeds ever you could have one of these dogs in a box filled with round two white furry stuff and not be able to pick out your pets because everything is going to look super cute.

Bichon Frise dogs are curly, furry, white, and always happy. This dog breed is a very wonderful friend to other pets and its human owners. They usually live between 12 to 15 years if well taken care of.

4. The shar-pei dog

This is one dog that looks very funny and cute. If you have children in your home, they definitely would not want to be away from this pet.

The shar-pei dogs are originally from China and they look very unique because they are wrinkly and it makes them very different from your regular dogs. If what you’re looking for in a dog is loyalty and calmness then this is the best bread for you.

Their lifespan is usually between 8 to 12 years.

5. Japanese spitz dog

From the name of this dog you would want to assume that they were originally from Japan however they originated from Germany.

The german white spitz dog breed was transferred sometime ago to Japan and that is where this Japanese spitz dog became a beloved pet. You would have this wonderful pet in your home for as long as 10 to 16 years, if you feed them well and care for them as a responsible pet owner should.

6. The Akita Inu dog

This dog breed belongs to the Spitz family but it is a lot larger than the Japanese spitz dog. The Akita Inu dog is a very loyal friend and a calm dog breed is used to serve as a guide for Japanese royalty and nobility in the past. The lifespan of this dog is between 10 to 12 years

7. West highland white terrier

This cute little fellows come from scotland and some people say the best way to describe this breed of dog is that they are fully confident and they always know the right way to behave when around people. The lifespan of the west highland white terrier is between 12 to 16 years.

8. The poodle dog

The poodle dog is the only dog on this list that comes in four different sizes. You will love to have this dog around, because they are very smart and hardworking and they also have incredible hunting abilities. the poodle dog can live between 14 to 18 years.

9. The english cocker spaniel dog

Most of the dogs on this list are super friendly but this particular one is friendly to only people it knows. This is a very awesome choice for people who want a cute dog to keep them company and also reacts when there are strangers around for security reasons. The english cocker spaniel dogs can live between 12 to 14 years long.

10. The golden doodle dog

The golden doodle dog is a mixture between golden retrievers and poodles. These dogs were originally bred in an attempt to make people who are allergic to fur comfortable with having dogs around them.

The golden doodle dog is not an original dog breed, it is a cross breed. The lifespan of this dog is 12 to 15 years

11. Chihuahua and wire haired terrier dog mix

List dog is also in mixed breeds like the golden doodle. It is a very tiny cute fellow and it would have you smiling with so much love when you see it.

This is one dog that I have noticed children like a lot not only because of its size but because it is super friendly. The lifespan of this dog is between 12 to 15 years which is a long time to have a little dog around.

We hope that you find these 10 wonderful breed of dogs beautiful enough to have a round and you take the step to adopt one there are so many benefits attached to owning a pet and a few of them is having a pet e.g a dog can keep you feeling happy prevent you from experiencing loneliness and above all enhance your mental health.

We hope that you find this piece of writing very interesting please do not hesitate to leave a comment below and also share on social media.

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