5 Famous Medium Size Dog Breeds

Basset Hound
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A lot of people especially females adore tiny little dogs that they can carry around some others love to have majestic giant sized dogs because they look fierce and bold.

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However, if you are one of those people whose interest lies somewhere in between, you do not have to bother much because there are medium sized dogs that are just perfect for you.

This wonderful medium sized dogs usually possess versatile traits of both the small and the last sized dogs so you definitely would enjoy your time with them.

What size of a dog is considered medium?

How exactly do you decide that a dog is medium-sized? well, it depends on the person you are asking. Some small dog breeds can grow up to 20 pounds while larger dog breeds usually begin around 60 pounds.

Certain organisations would break down box sizes into detailed groups like small, extra small, small-medium, medium, medium-large, then large, extra large, and finally giant. To make things a lot simpler, we will be taking a look at dog breeds that fall between small and large. The breeds in this category would range in size from about 25 to 55 pounds.

Because of the wide range of weight, a large portion of the dog breeds out there and medium-sized. moon lovers of medium sized dogs want a dog to hold the perfect enough to fit through small spaces and also large enough to play the way a big dog would.

There are also certain advantages that come with having a medium sized dog they’re not fragile, and underfoot like some other small dog breeds at the same time, these dogs have a longer life span and less orthopaedic problems than big sized dogs.

The same way no two humans are the same, no two dogs are also the same. For this reason, the breed of a dog should not be the sole deciding factor when you decide to adopt one.

Well, the breed of the dog would offer you a general idea of what you should expect it is also vital that you consider the personality of the specific dog you want to adopt. Consider its energy level its temperament and its trainability.

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If you have made up your mind that what you really need is a medium sized dog well you are very fortunate because there are a large number of famous and loved medium-sized canine breeds for you to choose from.

Below are some of them:

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1. Mixed Breeds

You might have it in mind to go searching for a specific dog breed, but it is best that you consider adopting a mixed breed. Every mixed breed is a one-of-a-kind dog even though all dogs are special.

You can get mixed breed dogs in various sizes, but especially you can get them in medium sizes. In a lot of kisses dogs that are mixed breeds are smart healthy and also friendly.

When you adopt a mutt, you have provided a home for a dog that probably would have ended up not getting adopted because other pets would catch the eyes of people rather than a mix breed.

To get the perfect mix breed dog, you should first consider visiting your local animal shelter or pet rescue group. Rescue groups or animal shelter workers are in a very good position to give you the general idea of what your new dog’s needs and personality are.

By the time you get to meet the dog, you would also have an idea of what its traits and personality are. Remember that a dog might ask differently when it’s living in a shelter than when it’s in a home.

The best way you can tell what the dog’s behaviour in a home environment will be easy you choose a dog from an organisation that has a fostering program.

Discuss with foster owners about the temperaments personality trainability and energy level of each dog before you finally pick the one you want.

2. American Staffordshire terrier

The “AM staff” is a very similar dog to the American pitbull. However, it is quite unfortunate that pit bull type dogs are usually misunderstood. In fact in a lot of places a band has been placed on any kind of dog that looks like a pit bull.

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American Staffordshire terrier has quite a large weight range. The weight range of this dog usually averages between 40 to 70, so we can say they are on the larger size of the medium range of dogs.

The reason for this is because of the muscles in their bodies. However, you can find many American Staffordshire terrier that falls on the lower side of the weight range especially the female ones. It is usually very easy to find dogs that I’m mixed with Pit bulls and still have a smaller body size.

Generally the American staffs there is a very affectionate and energetic medium size dog that would make an awesome companion if you have an active household.

3. Australian Cattle dog

If you’re looking for an intelligent and active breed of dog that would be around 35 to 50 pounds, then the Australian cattle dog would just be the best option for you.

The Australian cattle dog is one species that is very powerful and also driven to work even though it’s a very curious bridge it is equally a loyal one, and that makes it the perfect companion for anyone at all.

4. Australia shepherd dog

The Australian shepherd dog is one highly energetic and intelligent breed of dog that weighs between 40 and 65 pounds. This dog breed is very athletic and agile, and that makes it well suited for dog sports like agility and disc.

Australian shepherds are very friendly and loyal dogs, and that is one reason why they are a great companion for people with very active homes.

5. The basset hound

Basset hounds are very unique dogs in appearance, and there are also easy going. The spirit of dog typically ways between 40 to 65 pounds. There’s so much to talk about when it comes to the appearance of this dog breed, but still, it is a great companion.

Basset Hound
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