7 Rare Cat Breeds You’ve Never Heard of

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Cats come in many sizes with each breed of cats having distinctive traits, such as their coloring, coat, and behavior.

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There are a number of familiar breeds, like the Persian or Maine Coon. However, there are a number of cats breeds you may never have heard of.

Turkish Angora

Turkish Angora

The Turkish Angora originated in non-other than Turkey. It was an ancient and naturally domestic cat breed. Angora’s can be recognized by their long silky coats, muscular bodies, and large ears.

Their eye color tends to be green, blue or yellow, and they are known for their playfulness, being very energetic and quite intelligent.


Sphynx Cat

The Sphynx is well known for its lack of hair. This breed tends to be medium to large in size, heavy, and very muscular.

The Sphynx likes to show affection, is very intelligent, a bit overenthusiastic, and radiates a sense of calm around their owners.


Savannah cat


The Savannah wasn’t recognized as a breed by the International Cat Association (TICA) until 2012.

They have a slim body, short coat, and long legs. The Savannah can be adventurous due to its natural curiosity and are quite intelligent.



The Chartreux is a rare breed that originated in France and is known for their blue-hued short coats, blue lips, and eyes the color of copper.

They tend to have short paws and large muscular bodies. Chartreux breeds are also known for their “smile”, are playful, intelligent, have fast reflexes, a calm temperament, and can be very affectionate.

Cornish Rex

Cornish Rex

Originating in Cornwall, England, the Cornish Rex is a domestic breed that is often referred to as the greyhound of cats. This is another breed that doesn’t have hair, but rather a very fine layer of down.

Their down coats have a wavy pattern to them, and they have very curly whiskers. Their heads have an egg shape to them with large ears. Because of their light coats, they are best suited as indoor cats.



Originating in Russia, the Peterbald comes from experimental breeding and wasn’t accepted as a breed until 1998. This breed of cat tends to be medium sized, coming in unique colors of silver, blue, and brown.


They have very slim, elegant bodies that are muscular, a whip-like tail, large ears, and webbing between their toes.

Japanese Bobtail

Japanese Bobtail Rare Cat Breeds

Native to Japan, this breed of cat is quite small in size and is believed to bring good luck. It has a very short tail that is akin to a rabbit’s tail, oval-shaped eyes, long nose, a triangular shaped head, and its hind legs are a bit longer than its front legs.

The Bobtail is a very affectionate cat, making it a good choice for families.

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