8 Amazing Creatures That Would Leave You Mesmerised

sperm whale

Humanity has always been crazy about finding out new things that we’ve taken our attention to other planets. Mars being one of the most explored worlds, has won the attention of countless explorers.

However, earth alone has millions of secrets that would continue to leave everyone amazed. Secrets that no other planet can ever tell.

The creatures on earth alone would tell you just how beautiful and unique the planet is. We would be looking into some creatures in the animal kingdom and some of their characters. Creatures that still leave scientists baffled.

8. The honey badger

honey badger

You could easily feature this creature in a horror movie, and it would play a terrifying role efficiently and Here are five reasons to explain why:

– One main character of honey badgers is that they have no care for who or what they attack: a human, leopard, lion, porcupine, even a buffalo- anything! It doesn’t matter how fierce their rivals are. Once they attack, it’s unlikely for the other animal to survive.

Honey badgers posses thick, hard skin that predators find extremely difficult to get through. In fact, it is difficult for teeth, claws or some types of weapons (spears, machetes, arrows) to pierce through.

– Honey badgers are very flexible due to the elasticity of their skin. This allows them to dodge predators without any difficulty. It is strongly advised that you don’t lift these escape artists since they can easily escape and attack you.

– The teeth, claws and jaws of a honey badger are not only sharp but very powerful. They not only find it easy to eat through preys flesh, but they crunch through shells, bones and other hard parts as well.

– Their immune system is also very strong. Scientists are still yet to understand how the honey badger is able to neutralise poisons. Honey badgers when bitten by a cobra, would experience convulsion and die! But in about 40 minutes, it comes back to life and continues as it was.

  Although the honey badger is classified as an omnivorous animal, it’s love for honey, however, is unmatched. They also have a unique way of finding this sweet bee juice. They use small birds known as honey guides.

These little flappers find beehives and lead the honey badger to the hive by whistling. The predator gets the honey, and the birds get the larvae. Everyone is happy!

7. The spiny mouse

spiny mouse

The spiny mouse’s super ability is regeneration. This rodent is able to release its skin when captured by a predator. They have been blessed with the gift of regenerating their skin, fur, sweat glands, and cartilage.

Scientists have been able to conclude that all mammals, like reptiles, possess self-healing genes. However, this feature is only available for the spiny mouse alone.

6. The Tarbagan marmot

Tarbagan marmot

This cute animal is even more chill than your desert camel. Tarbagans are known to go about their business without drinking water. The liquid they get from the food they eat is more than enough for them.

Research even proved that on dry grains alone, the tarbagan marmot could survive three years and more without water.

5. The Platypus


The natural platypus look raises unanswered questions even among scientists. We could say nature had no idea what it was beating into shape when creating this animal. It possesses a duck-like nose, webbed feet, fluffy body of a small animal, and a beaver kind of tail.

But that’s not all, the platypus is also able to produce toxic saliva, produce milk, lay eggs, and it lives in Australia alone.

4. The Port Jackson Shark

Port Jackson Shark

Do you think you’ve seen it all? Well, prepare to be amazed! Although the Port Jackson shark looks like a scary alien, it is surprisingly harmless. 

Some of the features of this creature include;

– Plenty of sharp teeth that it uses to chew on fishes and other sea swimmers with soft bodies. Its big and flat teeth are used for handling sea urchins, crabs, sea shell creatures, and other creatures that move with their houses.

– The Port Jackson shark is considered poisonous, but this particular feature is only used in case it’s being threatened. Elongated, venomous spines on two dorsal fins help this fish escape bigger predators. Their poison isn’t fatal; it only causes temporary paralysis.

– Port Jackson shark pups grow up a bit late than other sharks. The males get to adulthood at the age of 10, and females reach sexual maturity at 14. Their average lifespan is 30/35 years. 

– They aren’t attracted to people. They can become aggressive towards people if they are provoked. To be honest, people aren’t remotely interested in these sharks either: their meat isn’t close to being tasty.

3. (Ibycus rachelae) The long-tailed slug

The long-tailed slug

If only it were possible for scientists to transplant animal body features into humans, then they would have experimented with the long-tailed slug. This little crawler uses some sort of “love darts” during courtship.

This love-dart is composed of calcium carbonate and in a harpoon-like structure that pierces through and injects hormones into another slug. This is used to increase the chances of romantic courtship adventures.

2. The immortal jellyfish

immortal jellyfish

Man has always been fascinated by immortality, and this curiosity has taking our search into the marine world. The jellyfish is gifted with the ability to start life anew. They are able to, after a fatal injury, swim to the bottom of the sea, turn into a polyp, and transform into a jellyfish again.

The growing up process usually lasts for about two months. The mesmerising part is, this transformation process is unlimited. This has left scientists baffled till today.

1. The sperm whale

sperm whale

The sperm whale is one of the most unusual mammals on the list. Why?

– Sperm whales can dive deep into the sea and stay underwater much longer than other air-breathing animals. Scientists suggest that there were sperm whales that could dive 4000 m (2.5 miles) deep into the sea. How their lungs handle such pressure is still unknown.

  • They possess materials that are very vital in the production of perfumes. Ambergris: this is the solid grey compound that is produced in the whale’s digestive system that they burp.
  • Sperm whales require just 15 minutes of sleep time in a day. If necessary, they can stay awake for three months! 
  • Spermaceti; another material that’s very useful for its healing properties.
  • They are also creatures with the thickest skin on earth. Its thickness is up to 19 inches to be precise.
  • They feed on giant squids even when they try to resist. The sperm whale swallows them easily.

Which of the animals on the list did you know about? Are there other remarkable animals you know about that you would like to share with us? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

Which animal on the list were you impressed with the most? If there are other incredible animals you know of that are present on this planet with us, please share them in the comments!

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