8 Weird Cat Behaviors Explained

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Do you have a cat that you love so much, but you can’t seem to understand it’s behavior? Is your cat’s craziness making you want to give up on keeping it?

Well, it may help to know that you’re not the only person with such a crazy feline. So many other cat owners are feeling the same way you feel right now and that’s why we have put together this article.

As you read further you’ll be leaning about 8 of the weirdest cat behaviors your pet may be exhibiting and why they do these things. You just might find out easy to live with your feline after reading this.

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1. Rolling

A lot of us are used to dogs rolling when we tell them to. Sometimes canines just roll without you telling them to do so and no body finds it weird. Do you have a cat who throws itself on the ground, especially at your feet and suddenly begins to roll?

Could your cat be under the influence of catnip, or is the little fellow dealing with something else you should be worried about? have no fear. Wherever your cat comes close to you and and decides to roll over, it is only giving you a sign that it’s comfortable around you and wants some attention.

Cats are very territorial creatures, so that can also be it’s way of making that spot with its scent so that every other pet knows it’s a “do not trespass” zone.

2. Presenting their butt

Does your cat always ask for a little scratch using an elevated butt pose? Do you get pissed with its new habit of bringing ours butt closer to face and just raising its tail?

You have no reason to feel some type of way about this cat action. It’s one of the few ways our feline friends compliment us and also let their peers know how comfortable they are being with their owner. A free but sniff is something priceless coming from a cat that loves you.

Just the same way this favorite niece or nephew always wants to hug and give you kisses, cats find themselves helplessly in love with good cat owners. Do you really have to sniff your cats butt wherever it presents it? No, you don’t have to do that. Simply hold your kitty and give it a nice scratch where it wants it the most.

3. Covering poop

I believe all cats naturally cover their poop. Is this really true? cats are very neat animals and seem to have their lives put together but one of the best means of communication for them is the litter box and there are times when they just want to make a smelly piece of art with their poop so the rest of the world can be left in awe.

Most cats learn their litter box etiquette from their mom, and it has been a natural thing for domestic cats to bury their poop. However, a feline may decide to expose their poop as a way of marking their territory. That may be a little annoying but it’s just one of those things they do for love.

4. Covering food

Have you heard of, or met a finicky cat? there are lots of them on the planet and it’s completely natural for them to be that way. Some cats may decide to clear their gustatory preferences simply by covering up their food bowl.

That’s not anything a cat owner should be upset about especially because it is an instinctive behavior. Wild cats are known to hide their food so it is safe from other animals who are too lazy to hunt for theirs.

If your kitten decides to scratch around the food bowl after a meal, or even searches for shredded paper to use as a covering for the bowl, just let it be.

5. Eating plastic

Imagine just getting home from buying lunch or grocery, and before you shut the door behind you your feline is already licking the plastic bag you returned with.

If not caught early enough your plastic loving car may even eat some plastic and that won’t be funny. Kittens may begin to chew on almost anything when they start targeting just because their gums are itchy at the time.

This may make that get used to the texture of taste of plastic and make licking or eating it a habit. Please not that plastic can cause choking and must be kept away from your cat so it is best that you provide your feline with some safe chew toys.

6. Eating grass

Have you noticed that your cat loves to lick or chew on green things? cats are naturally carnivores so it may be worrisome when it seems your cat is becoming a vegetarian. Felines likes to get some trace minerals from plants, that’s why they sometimes eat grass but this rarely happens.

It is completely healthy and may even help your cat pass hairballs. However, ensure that your cat doesn’t consume too much of grass and eating grass doesn’t become a habit.

7. Sneering

This feline act is technically called flehmen but there is no denying that it looks like a feline sneer. There is a huge chance that you may never see your feline behave in that manner towards you.

That’s just a reaction left for other cats, or just as their invisible message to other pets. That’s also their way of picking up or traping the pheromones using their tongue against a duct in their mouth roof and it produces a curl in their lips. Female cats do not do this lip curl as much as the male cats do.

8. Winking

When you have a cat that “winks” at you, does it mean the feline is flirting? Will, that might just be on way to explain your Kitty’s character but there’s more to it than that.

Sometimes people call this action a kitty kiss. Wherever you get a slow cat eye kiss from your pet, it simply means you’re getting a well deserved compliment.

This is a wonderful signal that cats use with other cats and even humans that they genuinely like. It is totally allowed for you to give your cat the same wink and you.

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