9 Animals You Should Never Keep as Pets

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People keep pets for various reasons and one very common reason is companionship. However, some people have been disappointed by their animal buddies because the choose to keep some of the worse kind of animals as pets.

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All animal are wonderful in their own unique ways but there are some animals that are best admired from a distance as they aren’t the kind to be let out of the wild.

Let’s check out some animals you should never attempt to domesticate and why there are better options available.

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Pet primates

One reason most people would want to domesticate a primate is that they are much like humans and interacting with them should get easier over time.

However, despite their cute looks and the childlike aura around them, make no mistake to assume they are anything like the human baby.

Chimpanzees, lemurs, capuchins, and baboons all fall into the primate category and there are times when you may spot an owner taking his pet for a walk in a stroller with a diaper on its butt like a human child.

These creatures can make you want to keep and treat them like babies because they make the messes, the cries, and want to be fed like children too.

Now the most common problems with these primates is that they may start to behave badly all of a sudden because though they look like humans, they have no moral conscience so that may even bite their owners and that is something the health department frowns at.

Bites from primates are especially scary because they are known to transmit diseases such as HIV-1 and hepatitis-A to their victims and we know how bad that can be to a person’s health.

So if you live primates so much, you can opt for a stuffed monkey instead of a real one that just might hurt you.

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Pet big cats

We love felines and there is no denying that. The fact that they are great for our mental health and they make very wonderful emotional support partners make a lot of people want to go the extra mile to get an exotic cat.

Leopards, tigers, cougars, and lions are some of the biggest cats people have attempted to keep as pets. These animals are dangerous and strong though they are beautiful yet some people assume that can easily declaw a lion the same way they would declaw a domestic cat. Declawing entail the removal of the entire last bone in the cats toes.

If you remove the last bones of a big cats toes you make them unable to walk properly because of their size and if the procedure is wrongly done these animals could become paralysed.

One reason why declawing an animal such as a tiger isn’t going to stop it from being violent is that tigers do not kill their prey by clawing at them but by biting their throat.

If a prey doesn’t die from a large cat’s teeth, the crushing jaw might just do the killing so either way, removing the seeming dangerous body parts doesn’t guarantee your safety.

Pet venomous snakes

No matter how much you love reptiles, restrict your live for them to harmless lizards as these guys can be super creepy and dangerous. It is not fast from the truth that venomous snakes can kill you with a single bite and you may not have the right anti venom close enough to save your life.

In fact, some cobras can leave you in pain and also make you blind just by shooting it’s venom into your eyes. There are however, a variety of post snakes that are not venomous or dangerous so it is best to pick one of those.

If you have a snake pet, you must be extremely careful as any slight chance of them escaping will not only put you and your family in danger but also endanger the lives of your neighbors which isn’t a good thing.

Pet bears

Bears look very friendly in animations and hugging a stuffed bear can be one of the best feelings ever because of how soft and big they can get.

However, if you are looking to make these soft and warm hugs real by domesticating a real life bear, you sure have something else coming.

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Even though bears can grow so big that they weigh as much as 1500 pounds, some people still feel they need that giant dose of curtness in their homes so they can get all cuddly.

You can get a bear cub and enjoy it’s cuteness but remember that these guys do not stay that small for too long. When your best cubs grow to become giants, they could easily knock you over and kill you so it is best to get a giant teddy bear instead of a real one.

Pet Coatis

The Coatis are very weird members of the raccoon family. These South American natives are omnivores and they require a very large enclosure that will allow them roam about. These animals are very active and almost impossible to train with their 38 to 40 dangerously sharp teeth.

Coatis love to forage for their food since also need plenty of mental stimulation just kind parrots and monkeys. Although lots of people have continued to keep them as pets a lot recently, it is needless to remind you that they remain wild animals and their bites can be pretty nasty.

Pet bats

Let’s solve a little riddle here, what is it that sleeps all day and gets active at night, has dangerously sharp teeth, and carry about rabbis adding SARS? If you just said bats then you are absolutely correct.

Bats are very cute animals to be honest. But if you want to get close to them, it is best to adopt a hands off approach as there is a high chance of them spreading zoonotic disease and there is almost no realistic way to care for this creature in your home.

When it comes to lifespan bats can live for as long as 30 years and into go into hibernation for months In areas with colder climates.

Bats feed on blood, insects, or fruits depending on what specie of bat you have in your custody. These critters are best left outside your home so make no attempt to bring them inside intentionally.

Pet coyotes and wolves

The simple explanation as to why we have domestic dogs in our homes today is that wolves and coyotes were to wild to cohabit with our ancestors.

Till today, these wild dogs haven’t changed one bit and we do not intend to change them. Wolves and coyotes like to act on their instincts and hunt for their food when they get hungry.

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They are also famous for playing with their kind and sleeping the rest of the day away, attacking only when they feel threatened.

These fellows are so smart that they can easily seek out the sickest animal among them even when it acts and looks healthy.

Just like the big cats and the bears, these wild dogs are very dangerous and cannot be trusted even for a second. Wolfdogs have been used alot as pets recently and are growing in popularity but they are no different from their wild cousins thus they too should be avoided.

Pet alligators and crocodiles

Hold on a second, why would anyone want one of these in their homes knowing fully well that these reptiles are far from friendly?

The American alligator is one reptile that grows as big as 14 feet long and is known to kill animals as large as cattle. Most homes around the world do not have what it takes to accommodate a predator as large as this alligator.

These reptiles can cause some serious infections with their bites, they can easily knock you down with a single tail whip, and even cause leg amputation or death with their bite force of about 2000 pounds. I have seen a couple of people try to domesticate these animals, but it is not a wise thing to do at all.

Pet kinkajous

The kinkajou is one beautiful animal that has gained increasing popularity as a domestic pet in recent times especially since celebrities started keeping them. The Kinkajous are cousins to the coati but only smaller in size.

They manage to weigh up to seven pounds when fully grown and have razor sharp teeth and a super high activity level.

These creatures are known to be aggressive on occasion and they are also nocturnal animals. Though they are little, they can do a lot of damage to their owners and they hate it when you wake Them up during the day.

Instead of having any of these potentially harmful exotic animals as pets, you can opt for more friendly animals like cats, dogs, and birds.

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If you must have an exotic animal in your home you could get them as stuffed toys or even paper toys. Not only would it be nice to have them, they could make your home look more beautiful and have your guests in awe of your wonderful test in home decor.

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