Amazing Facts About the Siberian Husky for Potential Owners

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Talk about sled pulling and the first thing that comes to the minds of some dog lovers is Huskies. However, there is more to this canine than just work adorable and work. Huskies aren’t just good for business even though they make wonderful work dogs.

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The Siberian husky was originally bred for the propose of helping the Siberian Chukchi people to hunt more efficiently. However, the Siberian Huskies are friendly, very sweet to their owners, and super loyal and cuddly to the extreme.

There is so much to learn from the Siberian husky ranging from their wolf-like look, fascinating history, to their bright blue eyes. Whether you already have a husky as a pet, or you are considering adopting one, you will find it interesting to check out these husky facts we have specially gathered for you.

The history of Siberian Huskies

As the name of this canine implies, it hails from nowhere else but Siberia.
Somewhere around 3000 years ago, a semi-nomadic group of people from Siberia known as the Chukchi tribe had the intentions to expand their hunting grounds, but they figured they could use some help pulling their sleds over a long distance.

What they decide to do about their predicament was to breed the perfect sled pulling dog. A dog with features like endurance, a beautiful coat that is thick and winter-ready that will protect them from the coldest of temperature, and finally the dog with the ability to survive on little food.

The result of their creation was the Chukchi dog which is a distant relative of the present day husky.

Huskies are naturally geared for winter

Because Huskies originated in a very close climate, these canines are always ready for any kind of cold weather. Siberian Huskies are blessed with a double coat that is made up of a short, very thick undercoat that helps them store body heat, and long water-resistant outer excellent.

The almond-shaped eyes of a Siberian husky help to shield it from loose snow and also the reflection of strong sunlight from snow. Have you taken a look at the tail of a husky? Their long bushy tail can be used as a face covering for extra warmth when they fall asleep.


Huskies are very energetic and are wonderful jogging buddies

If you have made up your mind to add a high energy Siberian Husky to your family, then you should be set to exercise it a whole lot on a daily basis.

According to reports from some Husky trainers, Huskies are able to cover approximately three to five miles at least three times a week. If you decide to achieve the coverage of that distance, it is up to you and your doggie. It could be jogging, sledding, walking, swimming and even running.

Siberia huskies are born runners, so it is no surprise that they make really good jogging partners. However it is essential that you build up your dog’s mileage gradually.

Never allow your husky cover a 5K distance straight and do not let it exercise outdoor when the whether is a little warm or on cold days. If you want to exercise your husky during the summer of you or you reside in any of the hot climate areas, restrict your play and exercise to water or swimming activities.

Many huskies are blue-eyed

It is rare to see a blue-eyed dog amongst most of the typical dog breeds unless the dog you are dealing with has the merle gene that prevents the full development of pigments on the skin and in the eyes. However, many huskies are born with beautiful blue eyes. It is also common to see Huskies with two different colours of eyes.

Huskies are extremely friendly

Despite how tough and mean a wolf huskies might appear, they are very sweet and friendly dogs.

Some owners have even complained that their huskies are friendly a fault and easily trusting of strangers thus they do not make good enough guard dog. However, if what you want is a soft furry family member then the husky is just perfect for you.


Huskies have an incredible metabolism

The metabolism of these dogs is one thing science is yet to explain. Huskies can get busy running or burning energy for hours without having anything to eat, but they still won’t tap into the fat or carbohydrate their body has stored.

The magic behind their ability to burn so much energy and still have their reserve in tact is that they have a way of regulating their metabolism for performance. Humans wouldn’t dare cover the kind of distance huskies cover without fatiguing easily especially when we have had little or nothing to eat.

The best dog for this children is a husky but before you get one, make sure you have enough space in your backyard for the dog to burn off energy. Siberian Huskies are very colorful as you can find then in six different colors and they can be pretty chatty too so get ready for plenty of dog chat.

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