There are lots of things you can do today to assist different species of wildlife such as butterflies, bees, frogs as well as birds that fly, and other kinds of wild animals. Humans can indeed do a lot to give home and hope to the wild animals. Even a flowerpot, small or big garden can assist the wildlife around you.

There are lots of ways to do this. Perhaps you can start by having your own garden which you can regard as nature friendly garden. When you have such, it is going to help the wildlife a lot because at least, it affords them a place of rest.

Apart from that, it provides a place to breed and proceed with procreation. This will offer the birds a lot of opportunities if you provide them with food and other things, they need in order to survive, it will boost them a lot.

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Create a café for the bird

This is becoming a tradition in the UK where many people provide food for their birds. This can mean a lot to them, because these where other helps can come and rest. There are different kinds of birds in the country and these require different kinds of foods.

They need food in different periods of the years, and various parts of UK. Because of that, you can help them with different kinds of foods, and this can help them adapt in your garden.

Food scarcity can hit the birds at any time of the year, but it is always worst in the winter season. You will not understand how much good you did for the birds by feeding them year-round, will help them survive. First thing is that it makes them survive even the most critical period of their existence.

While caring for the birds, ensure that they are also protected from rodents on ground by ensuring there are safe places for them where the enemies cannot reach at them. They need places such as bush, this makes it easier for the most vulnerable birds to retreat when they sight their enemies.

What type of food should I give my birds?

There are different kinds of foods you can give the birds. It is better to provide them mixed seeds. The best of such foods include sunflower seeds, and these are always consumed by birds of various breeds.

Moreover, you can provide them with fat balls as well as suet nibbles, and these are some of the best foods you can serve your birds. Serve these birds different meals, it can help them in the hunger period, especially in the winter period.

Kitchen scraps

You do not need to spend on your monies to feed these wildlife. Even if you give them your kitchen scraps, they can do. These are the things you often do not use in your home, it helps the birds. If you offer them suet, or cheese pieces, these can help the bird. These are readily available in most homes.

Many species of birds will swallow all these. Furthermore, you can serve them pastry and it does not matter whether you cook them or not, they will like it.

In the same way, if you serve them with cooked potatoes and so on, they will like them. Birds prefer to eat fleshy fruits such as ripe banana and so on. Before you serve them banana, peel the back.

Ensure that feathered wildlife are healthy

You require high quality feeders for your bird and keep them clean. Ensure that these feeders are always clean, as well as the bird table.

If bath your birds, it can help them as it will reduce spread of diseases. Your animal requires good hygiene, especially during the cold and hot summer seasons. Ensure that you provide them with clean food. Do not allow foods to rot in the place.

Birds need water

Give your birds water. When you give it to them, you will see how it will help. Water is good, and it is key to survival of various creatures. Just the way you give food to these birds, you must supply them clean water.

Birds need water for two things. First is that they need it for drinking and secondly, they need it for bathing.

The time these birds need water most is the winter period when available water is always frozen. They also need it during the summer period when it is difficult to see water to drink for these birds. Even if you keep your bird in small places, water in a small bowl can do the magic for them.

Help these birds with a home

If you want to help the bird in your garden, you can as well provide them with a home. Because of that, it will be helpful if you provide them with a nest box.

These can help all your species and they can call it a home. Various species can reside here, and this is the greatest thing you have done for these birds. If your various bird resting places, it can attract various species.

Grow, grow and grow

If you want these wildlife to stay long in the garden, they require plants. Such birds like bees are attracted to places where there are flowers.

Different kinds of flowers such as pollen, nectar, and shelter are good for the bees. Some of these flowers and plant can be source of food for these birds. Irrespective of the space you provide for these birds, you can help them further by providing such plants.

Consider planting shrub or plant trees

This is another necessity for your plant. You should know that this does not grow very fast. It can take sometimes before the trees can grow and mature. While you wait for it to grown very well, it is better to get those that produce flower. These can serve as nesting place for these birds.

There is no need to be too tidy

The birds will appreciate it if you allow the trees to mature and produce seeds. They will like it because it can serve as food. This means that you do not need to cut these trees often. Allow some of them to grow to help your birds.

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