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Dubia Roach Colony

How to Start a Dubia Roach Colony at Your House?

Rushing to the pet store each time you run out of the stock of dubia roaches is irritating. It also costs you money and time. How about developing a...
Backyard Dog

Best Ways to Make Your Backyard Dog Friendly

Your dog loves the outside air as much as you do. So, it is very important that you create a dog-friendly backyard. By that we mean, your back garden must be fun...
Dog Crate

How to Choose the Right Dog Crate for Your Dog

As a dog owner, a dog crate will be one of the first things that you purchase before you take over a dog's responsibility. Owners need not be discouraged from purchasing a dog crate...
Emotional Support Animal

Emotional Support Animal Stories That Will Capture Your Attention

Emotional support animals are trending and it’s not the cats and dogs that topped the list this time. Chirpy parrots, killer alligators, elegant horses, tiny hedgehogs and, beautiful ducks are the ones making the...
Diabetic dog

Holistic Strategy to Feed Your Dog

Just like satisfying the human appetite, dog owners also want the best food for their pet. Sometimes you wonder if you are giving your dog the right amount of nutrients. Don't falter; there are...
Sleeping With Pets

Sleeping With Pets: Things to Know and Understand

Most people prefer sleeping with their pets but it is crucial to understand whether or not it is healthy. You have to understand whether there are any health risks associated with allowing your cat...
Shetland sheepdog Most Intelligent Dog Breeds

Best 6 Ways to Make Your Dog’s Coat Healthier, Softer and Shinier From Inside...

We all have fought off the urge to compare our dogs to others; especially in term of size, coat and height. When it eventually happens, we ask ourselves, “What am I doing wrong?” Unfortunately, purchasing...

Reptiles and the Veterinary Practice

Many veterinary practitioners are treating reptiles as the popularity of these now-common house pets has skyrocketed in the past 10 years. When working in a practice that deals with reptiles, veterinary technicians must be...

How to Avoid Possum Health Hazards?

With their small beady eyes, elongated snout and small ears, possums are actually considered “cute” by some people. However, for others, they are nothing but a nuisance and a pest. Possums are small, rodent-like creatures...
Service Dog

Everything You Need to Know About Training Your Dog to Be a Service Dog

One in five adults in the United States (approximately 47.5 million people) have reported experiencing some kind of disability. Many of these people are older adults suffering from conditions like arthritis, rheumatism, back pain,...