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What is a Sarcocystis?

Sarcocystis species are intracellular protozoan parasites that majorly infects mammals, and some, birds and reptiles. They exist in a predator-prey relationship where they depend on the host for survival. 

Ectoparasites: What They Are and Types of Ectoparasite

Ectoparasites are organisms that inhabit the skin or coat of another organism called the host for some time. They are of importance because they are detrimental to the life of the host,...
Eggshells to Dogs

Nutritional Benefits of Eggshells to Dogs

Dogs are domesticated animals that were originally bred from wolves. Dogs are of different species and shapes and history has it that dogs were the first animals to be domesticated.

The Secret Life of Pets Mcdonalds

Furry friends frоm The Secret Lіfе оf Pets mоvіе have tаkеn their adventure tо macdonalds pet toys! Discover thеіr ѕесrеt trісkѕ wіth thе macdonalds pet toys Sесrеt Lіfе оf Pеtѕ Happy Mеаl. In the Reviews...

Learning About How Essential Puppy Socialization is

If you’re intending on a method to housebreak your puppy, you should remember that dog socialization should be on the top of your own list. Do it correctly, and a socialized but tend to...

Filefish – Facts and Information

When a person is looking for a beautiful fish for their saltwater tank the Filefish is a good choice. This is a stunning fish and is not aggressive towards other fish. It is one of...

Pipefish – Facts and Information

Pipefish is an interesting type of fish. It is long and skinny and looks sort of like a skinny pipe. This is a medium-sized saltwater fish. This fish is not aggressive and does best...
Miniature Schnauzer

10 Types of Dogs That Don’t Shed

Having fur all over your furniture will have the house looking untidy. It requires regular clean up measures. You have to vacuum the couches and every corner of the rooms. It costs a lot to...

Quarantined Man Sends Dog With Note And Money To Buy Cheetos & She Comes...

Today is the first day of the complete 21-day lockdown in India announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his address at 8 pm yesterday. The Economic Times quoted him saying that until April...

Big Brains or Many Babies: How Birds Can Thrive in Urban Environments

A new study in Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution suggests that birds have two alternative strategies for coping with the difficulties of humanity's increasingly chaotic cities—either by having large brains or through more frequent...