20 Birds You Can Spot in Your Garden

Birds You Can Spot in Your Garden

Our garden is indeed part of our daily existence. Irrespective of the size and the nature of it, they should part of our daily existence. Whenever birds enjoy, there is a way it brings people together, and brings out something positive in them.

The RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch is a great yearly event. Currently it is in its 39th edition, and it is an opportunity for bird lovers to determine the number of birds that come to their local park or garden.

In the early part of this year, at least 420,000 people were part of the event and it is assumed that well over 6.7 million birds are available in various parts of the country. It is a great experience to have hundreds of thousands of people doing other things than to sit down and watch birds.

It does not only afford them the opportunity to watch the countless birds that come to the garden. It gives them the opportunity to know how their birds are doing in the first place.

Birds are indispensable in the world as they are part of the world. They do a number of things, which would have been difficult to do. When you eat berries, it would not have been possible for it to spread the seed.

They do that and that is where you see it in different places. Furthermore, birds are useful when it comes to control the number of insects that are available such as caterpillars and other smaller animals. Birds are also good in pollinating plants as hummingbird take pollen around with it when they feed on nectar and so on.

Other bigger animals can also depend on the birds of their livelihood. When the birds die, wild animals especially those that depend on carrion will eat it up. These birds are helpful to people as they contribute to their well-being and boost the economy.

Research recently conducted by Kings College in London indicated listening to the birds can make people happy. It is also known that many people can actually become happy just for watching and listening to the birds.

This can become part of their encounter to the nature. In recent days, birds create jobs for a number of people. Birds can also boost the national economy.

In history, it has inspired art as well as music. Birds are very useful for human existence. Below is a list of 20 birds to spot in your garden.

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1. House sparrow

This bird species is perhaps the most loved in the whole of the UK. One can identify males from its grey head as well as black bib.

The bibs are very important to the bird because the bigger the more it dominates. The female counterpart on the other hands can be distinguished by its pale brown feather. The birds can be small. It is known to be very strong. Its strong beak is to help it eat beak.

2. Starling

Starling is another popular bird species in the country. They always move in flock and can spend some time on the ground running.

They may appear black but when you go close you see that it is actually green and sheen purple. The specie is very common, and you can always see in the morning after a wet night. They consume seed mixes such as sunflower, suet cake and so on.

3. Blue tit

This bird looks attractive because of the colorful mixture of white, yellow as well as blue and green colors. There is no doubt that it is one of the most attractive birds in the world today.

It can feed on caterpillars, insects, nuts as well as seed. During summer and spring, one can see them feed on invertebrates. Many people do not like it for eating milk from milkmen. This phenomenon is no longer an issue.

4. Wood pigeon

This pigeon is the most common species in the country. It can easily be identified by its color, which is the white wing patches and white neck patch.

They bird can eat almost anything it sees that is consumable. Because they are relatively bigger than others, they can easily push away smaller birds to ensure that they have enough to eat. The birds are loved, and it is not surprising that they are often welcomed in the garden.

5. Great tit

There are at least six tit species that can breed in the country, but this species is the most popular. It features a distinctive black head as well white cheeks that set it apart.

It has a bright yellow chest as well as a black stripe running down. The stripe is what makes the difference between the males and the females. They can live on insects, but if you give them seed, they will accept it.

6. Goldfinch

You can always recognize the bird from its distinctive scarlet face as well as its bright yellow wing patch. The bird can be delicate, but it has been highly mobile. It eats anything you give it. You know when it is around for it trilling and tinkling call.

7. Robin

Many British love this bird because of the voices and the cheeky attitudes. It features bright red breast which many people like to behold.

They birds can be aggressive. When the Christmas time approaches, you will remember the bird, as it is associated with the delivery of Christmas cards. This behavior is linked to tradition.

8. Collared dove

Many believe that this species originates from southern Asia from where it finds it place in UK and other parts of the world. It is often identified by its black and thin collar.

Furthermore, it has white and long tail. It arrives in the country in the year 1953 and was able to spread to many gardens because breeds yearly.

9. Dunnock

This specie is not given the attention it deserves, this is because they are very small, and they allow crawling around in the bushes looking for insects to eat, because of this they are not always seen. They are also famous for their unique breeding methods which are referred to as a trio.

10. Magpie

If you observe the bird from a distance, it will look as if it is black but when you come close to it you will notice that it is green and subtle blue. This species often moves in small groups.

It can make plenty of noise and makes a chattering call. When the winter comes, they become vegetarian. Summer season they will change their diet to insects. They are scavengers, pest destroyers and so on. It is often regarded as a jack of all trades.

11. Jackdaw

This species is the least in terms of numbers. It may seem to be black but when you come close, you observe that it is dark grey in color. The black ravens actually differentiate it from other bird species.

It features blue and pale eyes. In the autumn season, it can always join other birds to roost together.

12. Long-tailed tit

It is not difficult to recognize this unique species. The animal features unique colorings as well as a long tail in addition to the small body. The males and the female share black, pale pink as well as white color. It equally features a different kind of white crown. They are easily recognizable in a flock.

13. Chaffinch

This bird in common in the UK garden and the male can be distinguished from the female because of the color. The female features a brown buff while the male has blue grey hood as well as a pink face.

They are mostly woodland, but they can easily adapt to any environment once there is wood. One can always see them hop around the ground.

14. Greenfinch

This bird is a colorful character and many people in the country like it for this. It is famous for its wheeling and twittering song. You can easily recognize the bird when it flies from the combination of green and yellow color.

Another distinguishing characteristic is the fact that it is highly sociable, but it can always quarrel with other birds. Their major food includes seed and nuts. They can also enjoy taking peanuts, sunflower hearts and seed as well as nyer seed and so on.

15. Coal tit

This species cannot be said to be very colorful, but it still has some distinguishing characteristics that set it apart. You differentiate from other birds from its color.

It features white cheeks as well as grey back, in addition to its unique head pattern. It consumes different kinds of food such as hearts and seed. It can store and hide food for future use.

16. Song thrush

These birds use to be a large number as they flock around gardens in large numbers. The population of the species is on the decrease.

They do not consume the usual type of food that other consume. It can be differentiated from several other birds out there from the unique way it sings.

17. Wren

Wren is popular in this country. You can see plenty of them in gardens foraging at the garden center or its corner. It can feed on insects and spiders.

It features very long toes and legs, and this contrasts with the short wind. Despite the small size, this bird has a loud voice. These birds are fond of roosting together.

18. Carrion crow

This specie is the most adaptable and perhaps the cleverest on the gardens. They are different from other birds in terms of their movement as they are more solitary.

The highest number you can see at any time is when they move in pairs. Before they move to any garden, they are very cautious, but they will always come for food. It does not go to places where it is not safe. They feed on shellfish and other food.

19. Bullfinch

This bird is medium in size, and it is round in shape. It features a robust and large bill. Both the male and the female have the same type of black cap. They eat green leaves especially tree buds in springs.

20. Blackbird

These are perhaps the most striking birds on the gardens today. Females have brown color and they have streaks and spots on their breasts.

They are commonly seen around the gardens and lawns. This specify belongs to the thrush family. These birds can feed on different kinds of diets such as worms, insects as well as fruit depending on the season.

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