Boxfish – Facts and Information

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There are many unusual types of fish out there. If a person has a saltwater tank and knows how to take care of these fish they should check out a Boxfish. This fish has bright and vibrant colors but it does need weekly care.


General Information About the Boxfish

There are several names that the boxfish goes by include trunkfish and the cowfish. This fish is in the bony classification. They have a body that is square in shape and are covered in scales that look like armor.

Due to the heavy scales, this fish is a slow swimmer. Younger fish have a rounder shape but they tend to box out when they become adults. The fish ranges in size from 3 inches to 18 inches.


This fish is native to the Pacific Ocean.


The boxfish is very colorful. It comes in yellow, blue, browns, and blacks.

Caring for the Boxfish

It is very important to make sure the boxfish has everything it needs. The boxfish should not be put into a tank with aggressive fish.

When the fish is threaten it will emit a toxin through its skin and this toxin is able to kill other fish. This fish can be aggressive towards its own species. If a person is looking to own several boxfish their best bet is getting two females.

When looking for a boxfish it is important to keep the size in mind. They like tanks with an open room and they need some accessories in which they can hide. They will try to eat any coral and should not be placed in reef aquariums.

These fish will make a lot of waste and a quality filtration system is very important. The minimum tank size for the boxfish should be 250 gallons. This will allow it plenty of room to win around.

Feeding the Boxfish

The boxfish likes a diet with some variety. It likes meaty foods as well as vegetables. They love to eat shrimp and crab. They also like to eat frozen peas, dried seaweed, and cooked lettuce.



Boxfish do not breed successfully in the home aquarium. If a person is looking to breed fish this may not be the best brand for them. Males and female may become aggressive in the tank so it is not recommended.

Care Level


This type of fish is meant for those that have experience caring for saltwater fish. It may take some time to get the tank to their liking. They need the water temperature to be between 72 and 78 degrees and need a specific pH level.

They also need a certain salinity level and it is important to keep the tank within this healthy range. A boxfish is a colorful fish that will make a great addition to any saltwater aquarium.

They are easy to feed but they can be aggressive with other types of fish. This fish needs a low-stress environment and will be a pretty fish to look at and enjoy in the aquarium.

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