300 Best Egyptian Cat Names

Egyptian Cat Names

If you have got yourself a cat and you’d like to try out some Egyptian names, you have come to the right blog. Here, we have listed 300 Egyptian cat names that you can select from. However, below is a brief background of domestic cats and Egypt.

Do you know from whence came domestic cats? Analysis implies a wild cat from the Near East. The first cat is suspected to be about ten thousand years old! It was known as Felis sylvestris lybica.

This was the pet. There is no question about biologists who are given top honors for this wild cat’s first domestication. The old Egyptians, however, are likely contenders.

Some years ago, in what is the Republic of Cyprus today, once under Egyptian control, a rare burial site was found.

Archeologists unarthed two mummies in this 9,500 year-old burial site: a man and a cat. The cat lived side by side with the human being as a pet from all indications.

Being felines came with a lot of privilege and power in ancient Egypt. An interesting story about an epic war with rival Persia cant be told without mentioning cats. On their shields, the Persian army drew cats. A number of cats were released before the Egyptian troops.

The Egyptian troops rapidly gave up. By unintentionally hurting any one of the cats, they did not want to risk offending their loved cat goddess, Bastet! This story is not entirely accurate, we’re not sure. However, there is undoubtedly something about the Egyptians feeling about cats!

Now that we are done telling cat tales, here are some of the best Egyptian cat names to pick from.

Egyptian Cat Names

  • Adofo:  Means fighter
  • Ahmenhotet III:  Means Egyptian ruler who loved cats
  • Aisha:  Means peaceful
  • Akiki:  Means friendly
  • Akil:  Means smart
  • Aladdin:  Means famous Egyptian fencing master
  • Alexandria:  Meanscity in Egypt
  • Amenhotep:  Means famous ancient Egyptian philosopher
  • Ammon:  Means mystery
  • Amun:  Means mystery
  • Anhur:  Means god of hunting and war
  • Anippe:  Means daughter of the Nile
  • Anubis:  Means Egyptian god of the underworld
  • Asim:  Means protector
  • Aswan:  Means famous Nile river dam
  • Aten:  Means Egyptian word that  Means  sun disk
  • Aya:  Means magical angel
  • Aziza:  Means precious
  • Bahiti:  Means fortune
  • Bastet:  Meansrevered Egyptian goddess of motherhood who took a cat form
  • Bennu:  Means Egyptian deity of creation, often shown as a falcon
  • Bes:  Means Feline-faced Egyptian god, protector of children
  • Bubastis:  Means Egyptian city which housed Bastet’s temple
  • Cairo:  Means modern capital city of Egypt,  Means  the victorious
  • Chigaru:  Means hound
  • Chione:  Means daughter of the Nile
  • Cleopatra:  Meansfamous Egyptian queen
  • Dakarai:  Means happy
  • Dalila:  Means gentle
  • Damietta:  Means branch of the Nile
  • Ebonee:  Meansthe color black
  • Eshe:  Means life
  • Feme:  Means love
  • Gahji:  Means hunter
  • Gata:  Means cat in Greek
  • Geb:  Means god of the Earth
  • Gezira:  Means Egyptian island near Cairo
  • Giza:  Means city in Egypt where the Sphinx is located
  • Habiba:  Means loved
  • Halima:  Means gentle
  • Hasina:  Means good
  • Hatshepsut:  MeansEgyptian female ruler
  • Heba:  Means generous gift
  • Herodotus:  Means Greek historian who wrote about Egypt’s love of cats
  • Horus:  Means Osiris’s son
  • Husani:  Means handsome boy
  • Hypatia:  MeansEgyptian female philosopher
  • Ialu:  Means field of dreams
  • Imhotep:  Means famous ancient Egyptian philosopher
  • Ishaq:  Means he who laughs
  • Isis:  Meansfamous Egyptian deity and mother of Egyptian god Horus
  • Jabari:  Means brave
  • Jahi:  Means dignified
  • Jomana:  Means noble
  • Kahotep:  Means peaceful
  • Kamuzu:  Means a healer
  • Kat:  Means weight of measure
  • Kemet:  Means another name for Egypt
  • Kemnebi:  Means panther
  • Khafre:  Means human face on the Sphinx in Giza
  • Khalid:  Means immortal
  • Khonsu:  Means the traveller
  • King Kufu:  Means Khafre’s father
  • King Tutankhamen:  Means King Tut,  famous Egyptian ruler
  • Kiwu:  Means plump
  • Kosey:  Means lion
  • Kyky:  Means monkey
  • Lapis:  Meansa beautiful blue gemstone favored by the ancient Egyptians
  • Layla:  Means night
  • Lotus:  Means flower
  • Maat:  Means goddess of justice, order and truth
  • Madu:  Means of the people
  • Mafdet:  Means earliest recorded feline goddess
  • Maimonides:  Means Egyptian philosopher
  • Mandisa:  Means sweet
  • Mandisa:  Means sweet
  • Manetho:  Means ancient Egyptian priest
  • Masud:  Means good fortune
  • Masud:  Means lucky
  • Masudi:  Means merry
  • Mau:  Means the divine cat, a name for the Egyptian Sun god Ra
  • Mayet:  Means kitty  in Egyptian
  • Mekal:  Means fierce devourer
  • Memphis:  Meanscapital city of ancient Egypt
  • Menes:  Means early Egyptian ruler
  • Menhit:  Means Egyptian goddess of war
  • MerNeith:  Means famous female Egyptian ruler
  • Mesi:  Means water
  • Mihos: mean slion-headed son of Bastet
  • Miit:  Means cat  in Egyptian
  • Mkhai:  Means fighter
  • Moke:  Means sweetened with honey
  • Monifa:  Means lucky
  • Msamaki:  Means fish
  • Mshai:  Means the wanderer
  • Mut:  Means Egyptian mother goddess
  • Nanu:  Means cute
  • Nefertiti:  Meansfamous Egyptian queen
  • Nefertum:  Means Egyptian goddess of sweet smells
  • Nefret:  Means stunning
  • Nenet:  Means divine
  • Nephi:  Means good son
  • Nile:  Means famous river in Egypt
  • Nkosi:  Means the law
  • Nkuku:  Means rooster
  • Nomti:  Means strong
  • Oba:  Means king
  • Oni:  Means wanted
  • Osiris:  Meansfamous ancient Egyptian god
  • Pakhet:  Means lioness goddess of war
  • Panya:  Means mouse
  • Pasht:  Means another name for Bastet
  • Pharaoh:  Meansterm that  Means  Egyptian ruler
  • Plato:  Meansfamous Greek scholar who studied extensively in Egypt
  • Ptah:  Means Sekhmet’s husband
  • Ptahhotep:  Means famous ancient Egyptian philosopher
  • Ra/Re:  Means Egyptian Sun god
  • Ramses:  Meansfamous Egyptian ruler
  • Rana:  Means beautiful
  • Rashidi:  Means wise
  • Rasui:  Means dreamer
  • Renenutet:  Means Egyptian goddess, giver of secret birth names
  • Rosetta:  Means branch of the Nile
  • Sabola:  Means pepper
  • Safiya:  Means pure
  • Salma:  Means peace
  • Sanura:  Means kitten
  • Sarah/Sara:  Means princess
  • Sefu:  Means sword
  • Sekhmet:  Means Powerful One, Ra’s lion-headed daughter
  • Sepest:  Means Egyptian god who lives in a tree
  • Sese:  Means the vanquisher
  • Seth:  Means Osiris’s brother
  • Shakir:  Means grateful
  • Shani:  Means wonderful
  • Sinai:  Means peninsula in Egypt
  • Sobek:  Means crocodile god
  • Sobekneferu:  Means famous female Egyptian ruler
  • Sphinx or Sphynx:  MeansEgyptian mythological creature with lion body and human head
  • Stela:  Means stone slab between the paws of the Sphinx
  • Tabby:  Means traditional color pattern for all ancient Egyptian cats
  • Tahemet:  Means queenie
  • Thoth:  Means Egyptian philosopher
  • Thutmose:  Means Egyptian ruler who installed the Stela
  • Twosret:  Means famous female Egyptian ruler
  • Umayma:  Means little mother
  • Urbi:  Means princess
  • Votive:  Means Eygptian word for  favor  at the temple of Bastet
  • Wadjet:  Means cobra goddess
  • Zahra:  Means flower
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