Emotional Support Animal Stories That Will Capture Your Attention

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Emotional support animals are trending and it’s not the cats and dogs that topped the list this time. Chirpy parrots, killer alligators, elegant horses, tiny hedgehogs and, beautiful ducks are the ones making the news.

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It won’t be long before the world is taken by the storm of different emotional support animals. While some believe that doctors will never approve of an alligator as an ESA. Here are some stories that will leave you wondering, how is this possible?

Now, the matter of fact is that ESA’s are meant to provide companionship to individuals in need of it. Just like people with depression, anxiety, PTSD, and bipolar disorder.

The most astonishing factor is that people with different ESA’s are actually benefiting from it. Their world revolves around these pets and helps them cope up with the hardships of life. Who are these pets? Let’s find out!

The mighty alligator named Wally

Their lives an alligator named Wally in York County. It is five feet long and weighs approximately 60 pounds. But the idea of having an emotional support alligator is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Just like me, I don’t detest them, but I can only imagine alligators tearing of skin from the human body. While I tell you this, I can clearly picture, Wally, seated on a couch right next to Joie Henney, a 65-year-old who loves him with all his heart.

Though it appears that alligators are not preferable companions, Wally is nothing but a huge fan of snuggles. Who thought an alligator could be a pet? Indeed, it is, perhaps it helps children with autism.

Harry the parrot

Who would have imagined a parrot healing patient with bipolar disorder? I never did, up until I read this story about Barbara Steinberg. Harry is her source of love, compassion, and the parrot makes her laugh.

Instead, it is no surprise that people keep parrots as emotional support animals. It is a popular animal with the ability to heal psychiatric disorders. In fact, Harry does the same for Barbara by continuously talking to her. A great way to overcome stressful situations.


Additionally, it is not just Barbara, but Jim Eggers from St. Louis also relies on his parrot for emotional stability. Sadie has been trained to repeat the words ‘Calm Down’, and ‘It’s Ok Jim’ especially during catastrophic situations.

I personally feel that the talking ability of parrots is making a difference in the lives of people facing mental disabilities. So, how about getting a parrot for your depression, PTSD, bipolar, or anxiety.

I hope you know you can do the same by getting an emotional support animal letter from a certified mental health physician you should know all the esa laws first. Having said that let’s see who the next animal in the list is.

Mara is Helen’s respite from grief

In my opinion, horses are magnificent creatures. The beauty is breathtaking, and it is no surprise that Helen found her comfort in Mara.

The story of Mara and Hellen is mostly about companionship and how she helped Mara discover a meaningful life after going through a period of distress, trauma, and anxiety. The long quiet walks with Mara and a sense of affection that she provides to Helen is what made her strong over the past five years.

People take medication for a lot of reasons and medicines are chemicals that affect our body in some or the other way. But if an emotional support animal is helping people like Helen overcome anxiety and trauma. It definitely reminds us of the beautiful connection between animals and humans.

Myers Snowhite duck helps him fight anxiety

Myers is someone who has suffered from anxiety ever since his childhood. The problem would have lasted a lifetime, hadn’t he bought a duck named Primadonna.

Now Primadonna is Myers’s source of comfort and happiness. They both spend a lot of time together and it has helped him overcome anxiety. A duck waddling and quacking around is something normal people never imagine. But for Myers, it is the waddling and companionship of the duck that reminds him of love.

Unlike the others, Mr. Myers faced a lot of trouble getting accommodation. Despite the fact that he had a letter from a therapist in California. But then people with legit emotional support animals still face a lot of problems.

This is why it is important for you as a reader to understand the positive effects of an emotional support animal. I hope these stories capture your attention and motivate you to get and ESA for a friend who suffers from depression or a family member constantly struggling to find meaning in life.


Author Bio:

Hillyer Mccune is Senior Content Marketer at MY ESA Doctor which is known for providing Emotional Support Animal Letter. He began writing when he was still in college. He has written on health, Lifestyle, Fashion, and beauty. And he is always on a lookout for something new.

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