Should You Feed Your Bird Eggs?

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The idea of feeding your parrot with eggs might come off as a little odd. After all, parrots are birds, and they lay eggs to create young ones.

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But in reality, it really isn’t unusual for birds in their natural habitat to feed on the eggs of other animal species.

Wild animals and eggs

Eggs are very nutritious food, and all kinds of animals will steal them if they find them lying around. Foxes, rats, hedgehogs, and polecats will happily go after an egg if they can find one that is unprotected.

Crows are notorious for stealing, and they can consume any wild egg most interestingly. They make a tiny hole in the shell of the egg before they begin to feed.

The crow makes a hole in the egg on the side or on one end using their pointed beaks. They then proceed to insert their beak into the egg and lift it up into the air so that the content drain into their mouth.

Goals are also notorious for eating eggs of other species however they do not stress to fly off with the egg they would rather settle in the next where they found it and feed on it right there and then.

Egg nutrition

There are plenty of good reasons why these birds will want to feed on eggs. It is a powerful food that nourishes the brains of these smart creatures. A certain amount of intelligence is required if you must survive in the wild, so feeding on an egg is a very wise choice.

Choline is a nutrient contained in egg yolks, and it is a serious brain food because it enables rapid thinking and makes it easier by speeding up the relay signals in the brains of these birds. The choline found in egg yolks also aid liver function as well as the distribution and transfer of nutrients throughout the body where it is necessary.

Another vital ingredient that contributes to brain functioning is the protein found in eggs. Protein improves the function of the brain by creating neurotransmitters that work to deliver the messages of the neurons which allows for the fast thinking that is needed to survive in the wild.

The regular chicken eggs that we humans feed on contains about 12% of protein, so you see why birds have good reasons for stealing eggs.


The eggshell is also an excellent source of calcium which is difficult to get in the wild. Calcium is important to the birds because a female will need plenty of it if she is going to lay eggs of her own.

The calcium the female bird consumes help to form a stronger shell for the eggs she intends to lay and for this reason, she has to seek it out in whatever way she can.

Stealing eggs is an easy way to get to this calcium. Besides the egg, this future mother bird is feeding on person belong to her, so she doesn’t care about it. Her primary concern is feeding herself and eventually laying eggs that are healthy and have strong shells.

Something else that makes eggs valuable is that they contain all the essential amino acids essential amino acids are those forms that the body is not capable of manufacturing on its own for that reason it must be derived from foods that contain essential amino acids.

Several years before now the entire world had assumed that eggs are extremely high in cholesterol. However, the united states department of agriculture has discovered since these original findings that eggs are actually not so high in cholesterol after all.

They found that the cholesterol in an egg is actually 14% lower than what they originally thought and also the learned that eggs contain more vitamin D than was assumed initially by an increase of 64%.

Eggs are an entirely natural food, and they do not contain any sugar or carbohydrates so if you think about it, they are very healthy.

Feeding your pet bird eggs

Eggs are a very cheap form of protein and birds are capable of eating the entire egg including the shell the white and yolk. Cleaned and packaged nicely crushed egg shells are available in the market and also available to companion bird families that are interested in feeding them to their flock to increase their calcium level.

A lot of companies have produced eggshells that are nutritious and healthy for your birds and example is between big aviary that has the product called Hatched Eggshell.

The Hatched Eggshell is a great source of 100% calcium, and it also has been made available online for people who are interested in feeding their birds only the shell of the eggs rather than the entire egg.


The eggshells used for this product are cleaned and sanitized, and they also undergo frequent batch testing, so you do not have any need to worry about contaminants.

Eggs are very healthy for your birds, but as with every other form of food, you must feed them to your pet in moderation. We welcome your comments and suggestions as well as your experiences with feeding eggs to your birds, please leave a comment.

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