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Filefish – Facts and Information

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When a person is looking for a beautiful fish for their saltwater tank the Filefish is a good choice. This is a stunning fish and is not aggressive towards other fish.

It is one of the larger species of saltwater fish and needs to be in an aquarium that is at least 55 gallons. The wish will need some weekly care but overall it is a nice fish to have.

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Description of the Filefish

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This fish goes by the name foolfish or leather jackets. They are curious and like to explore the tank around them. They have a body that is shaped like a rhomboid and their skin has the texture of sandpaper with small scales.

There is a long spine that can be retracted, and this can be done to help the fish lock itself into place when living in a car or other area. This makes it harder for the predators to find and eat them.

These fish are shy by nature and they like peace. They are a good choice for people that are beginners when it comes to saltwater aquariums. They are very colorful and many people enjoy looking at them.


This fish lives in the oceans all around the world. It can be found in the Atlantic, Pacific, and the Indian Oceans. These fish are able to adapt to the conditions in the tank very well.

Coloring of the Filefish

This fish comes in many different bright colors. It can be found in different shades of green, red, yellow, orange, and even black and white.

Care for the Filefish

This is a shy species of fish and the aquarium will need to have plenty of places where it can hide. They are slow swimmers and they enjoy plants to live in.

This fish is peaceful in nature and will fit into many different setups. They are not aggressive to their own kind so they can live in groups as long as there is plenty of room.

They should not be put in a tank with aggressive species as this may stress them out. The fish enjoy eating live coral so this should not be kept in the tank with them.

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Feeding the Fish

This fish will eat both meaty foods and vegetables as well. they like brine shrimp and krill. They will also eat dried seaweed. They need to be fed three times a day or more. If there a multiple fish in the tank a person needs to keep this in mind when feeding.


These fish are able to breed in aquariums. They will be nests and lay the eggs. The males will be the ones that will sit on the nest and will keep an eye on the young.

The Filefish is a colorful addition to a saltwater aquarium. These fish are easy to take care of for those that are new to the saltwater tanks. They get along with other fish and are peaceful to their breed. This colorful fish will be good in an aquarium.

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