Guinea Pig Care Guide

Guinea Pig

Guinea pig is the right pet for everybody. Many prefer it because it is gentle and always happy. However, one big challenge many people encounter with this rodent is the delicate nature.

But the good thing is guinea pigs are easy to care for if you know what to do. This Guinea pig care guide should help you become a better guinea pig owner.

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Guinea Pig Care 101: What Guinea Pig Care Guide Teaches You

So, you’ve chosen to add a guinea pig ‘cavies’ to your home. A good choice. A friendly pet that is believed to have originated from South America, Guinea pigs are well-loved for their gentility. They make great companions for children too.

The pet can be considered an endangered species. They are considered very low in terms of the food chain. For its safety, you should not allow it to come near to such domestic animals like dogs, rats, ferret, as well as cats and so on.

Let’s go straight to guinea pig care guide which is why we’re here.

Guinea Pig Care 101: They are very fragile and easily nervous!

Guinea pigs are very fragile creatures and as such be handled with care. They can hardly jump anything close to a few inches. Do not allow them close to staircases; table and bed edges because it can easily fall off.

Also, they get easily nervous, so to prevent it from being anxious, you should try getting a cage mate for your guinea pig.

Care equipment

You can care for this pet without difficulties. This is because you do not require much equipment to take good care of it. Here is essential equipment you need, and they include the following:

  1. Pet carrier
  2. Cage
  3. Water and food
  4. Brush and a nail trimmer
  5. Fruits
  6. Hidey hut and so on


If you want to exercise your cavies, you should not use an exercise wheel. This is because it can damage some parts of the body and it will make the pig unhealthy. If you were fed with any picture of lovely cavy on any wheel cages, you should simply ignore that.

It is meant to mislead. However, you can use the floor for the guinea pigs.

At least it should run around this floor. Furthermore, you have to think of an empty wading pool, as well as a playpen. These are good for the exercise. There are other forms of exercises such as having the guinea pig to run short distances.


Another thing you have to contend with is that the pet is messy. It is common to see it mess up the dishes and the food. The pet should not lack water, because of that, it is common to see water bowl on the side in case the pig needs it.

Furthermore, you can feed it with fresh grass. It has to be available at all time. The pet likes Timothy grass pellets. This grass is preferred because it contains what the pet needs most. It does not contain too many quantities of calcium.

Furthermore, you can feed it with fresh carrots, vegetable radish greens, as well as broccoli leaves and so on. These would be part of your pet’s diet.

You can also give it Vitamin C, but you have to do that with precaution. This is because this can easily do away with its potency. However, you must mix this with pellets or veggies and so on.

Grooming the pet

There is the need to trim the guinea pig feet as well as nail often. You can use human nail clippers; it can do fantastic work.

The animal features a fur coat. These coats should always be maintained. Because of this, you should brush it often. It is advisable to brush it two times daily. You can equally use a comb for the Peruvian combs.


This pet is not the type that climbs or jumps very well. Because of that, there is no need for you to cover the enclosure. The walls should be about ten inches to 25 inches high. This will be okay for it.

While preparing a place for the pet, you should create enough space for it to run about. Ensure that the floor surface is solid, but it should not wound the animal.

Ensure that there is plenty of bedding. It is recommended to use shredded paper. For the health of the pet, you have to change the pet bedding every day. Moreover, you provide a healthy environment for your pet.

Avoid using softwood shaving-like cedar and pine. These are unhealthy for your pet. In addition to that, there must be enough ventilation for the pet.


The cavy does not require much training other the minor jumping. It is a delicate animal and because of that, you must handle it with care. It requires a gentle companion

Where next?

Guinea pigs are sociable. It enjoys human company. It likes to stay with other pets, especially other guinea pigs. If you decide to keep this rodent, you must learn how best to take care of it. Stock the correct guinea pig food. Hope you learned a thing or two from this Guinea Pig care guide.

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