Healthy Toys for Your Hamster


Both the Syrian hamster and dwarf hamsters are very active creatures. These hamster need a variety of toys and other items to keep them active and give them an opportunity to exercise, play, and explore.

While these creatures enjoy plenty of play time outside the cage, there are still certain items that you need to provide inside the cage if they must be happy and comfortable enough to exercise.

In this article, I will be exposing you to a number of play items that you can easily make available for your pet hamster to keep it active, and provide it with the much needed exercise.

Hamster wheels and balls

Most hamster enjoy playing with hamster wheels, so it is important that you put one in your hamster cage. When getting a hamster wheel, go for one that is of appropriate size and has a smooth and solid surface so as to reduce the risk of injury. You may have seen some clear plastic balls that hamster owners put their pet in to help them run around easily in movies.

These balls are a great way to have your hamster exercise itself, without bothering about your four legged fellow running away from you. round about, different styles so you have a variety to choose from.

Bose runabouts on wheels are amazing ways to make sure that your hamster get enough playtime and exercise without the risk of getting injured or escaping.

Chew toys for your hamster

Like other animals with constantly growing teeth, your hamster needs a lot of items or toys that they can chew on to control the growth of their teeth. one of the best options available to you are wooden pet chew toys.

If you will be giving your hamster wooden toys that are not purchased from the pet store, make sure that they are pesticides and chemical free. Also, you must not give your hamster any wood of the cedar tree or any other evergreen wood.

If you have a piece of wood you would like to give your hamster to play with and you are unsure if it is chemical free, then it is best to stick with wooden toys specifically made for pets. Also, it is safe for you to give your hamster the wood from any fruit tree that is pesticide free, or any hardwood blocks or shapes from your carpentry section that has not been contaminated.

Toys like rings, tunnels, and willow balls are usually marketed for pet rabbit. But, you can get the smaller sizes that are just perfect for hamsters and are usually very affordable to purchase. Asides wood chews, hamsters also love to chew on cardboard. so you can get them cardboard toys that they can hide in and also do their mouth activities with.

The cardboard tubes from used toilet paper or paper towel are very nice choice for hamsters, and these days you can easily purchase the commercial tubes that have been created to be sturdier and safe for biting.

Housing and climbing options for hamsters

When it comes to hamsters and other small rodents there are a variety of huts and housing options that you can choose from. Climbing blocks and wood ladders are awesome for hamster too. However, if you’re unable to find wood ladders in the hamster section of your pet store, go straight to the bird section as is a higher possibility of you finding one there.

You can also make your own climbing structures by using wood or hardwood dowels. Coconut shells also work wonderfully well for creating hut or houses for your pets hamster. You can even construct hanging toys, bridges, and walkways by using organic ropes such as cotton, sisal, and hemp.

You need to be very cautious when making use of hanging toys and ropes. Make sure that the ropes you use are big enough and also have enough space to prevent your hamster’s neck or legs from getting tangled. If you’re not sure if you’re hamster hanging toys or ropes as if then you should make sure they are only used under close supervision.

Plastic toys for hamsters

Plastic toys for hamsters are usually very beautiful. As a matter of fact, hamsters loves to play with plastic tunnels and tubes as well as other structures. But as a responsible pet owner, you need to be cautious because if your hamster chews on plastic it could lead to a lot of problems.

There is the worry about plastic toys not being durable. But apart from that, If your pet swallows pieces of plastic, it just might cause serious damage. Whenever you offer your hamster plastic items to play with make sure to keep a close eye and discard such items once you notice your pet is chewing on them too much.

Sand and digging options for hamsters

If there is one thing almost every rodent loves to do, it is digging. You can provide your hamster with a dish of fine sand or chinchilla dust bath so that it can roll and keep it coat in good condition.

A better option is providing a big bowl with deeper sand for your hamster to burrow in and make sure that the sand in the box is sterilized to prevent exposure to germs.

Pumice stones and mineral blocks for hamsters

These stones are not very necessary because a lot of the hamster end up not using them. However if your hamster decides to gnaw on any of these, it is a great way to keep its teeth healthy and strong.

A better option is any of the variety of wood chew items available for rodents and you can provide the needed minerals through your pet’s diet. There are many other toys you can provide for your hamster to keep it active and healthy. However, the ones you have listed here at the most healthy options any pet owner can ever consider.

Have you ever had a hamster, or do you know anyone who has a hamster? do not hesitate to share with us, the options of toys that they/you have provided for the pet. All you have to do is leave a comment below.

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