Holistic Strategy to Feed Your Dog

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Just like satisfying the human appetite, dog owners also want the best food for their pet. Sometimes you wonder if you are giving your dog the right amount of nutrients. Don’t falter; there are ways to make feeding fun and healthy at the same time.

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Check out these holistic strategies to feed your dog:

Know Your Dog

The basic rule is to always know your pet. Just like how every food quality varies, dogs have different personalities, too. Evaluate your pet’s reactions when you introduce them to a specific diet.

Some dogs prefer dry chows and others enjoy the texture of gooey goodness. Once you have distinguished your pup’s preference, then you can avoid those times when your companion refuses to eat just because you gave them the wrong menu.

It is also important to know how your pet behaves at certain circumstances. Forcing them to eat a recipe which is contrary to their liking may lead to anxiety, which makes them harder to feed.

Set Up a Feeding Ground

To manifest a successful feeding session, you must take into consideration whether your dog enjoys his meals in an open area or if they like having personal space.

Making your pet comfortable while eating can help improve their interest in different kinds of food. Open, wide spaces may distract their attention and the opposite may prevent them from interacting with other animals, so you must fairly feed them to both types of feeding grounds.

Schedule a Feeding Regiment

If you want to see satisfying results, you must be consistent in giving them the right amount of nutrition without having to buy the same ingredient every time. Dogs are dynamic animals and may get bored, too.

Consistency on introducing them to different recipes can help your dog easily adjust to diet variations. And soon enough you will find out what is best for their appetite. You can always try different feeding ideas, but it mostly depends on your dog’s satisfaction.

Visit a Veterinarian

If you think that you are not feeding your dog well, consult the experts. Some dogs require a plentiful amount of food intake, while others eat like a lady.


Breeds can be a high factor, too. Research on this and be cautious about what to and not to feed your pal, which might affect their eating habits.

Keeping your dog healthy boosts their enthusiasm during feeding sessions. Maintaining proper care and a regular visit to the vet are significant aspects of your pet’s wellness.

Feed Them the “Goods”

“Dog food should be fine.” This is the common mentality of dog owners. But sometimes it might not work for your buddy.

Providing your pet suitable nourishment could be expensive. When you are on a tight budget, you might end up settling on low-quality foods. But are you willing to deal with health issues that may come along the way?

You can always give your dog the right nutrition, even for a cheaper cost. You just have to be creative and take the extra time to know what recipes cost less but are abundant in nutrients.

Sure, dogs can’t say “hey, I’m on a diet here” or “c’mon, just one more” can they? It is up to you on how to control their food consumption and give them the luxury of wellness without breaking off their balanced diet.

Keep It Fun

Having the same feeling as if you’re feeding a baby and when he hates the food, he spits it on your face? Who said you couldn’t have fun while eating? Kids enjoy fun meals, so does your dog.

Feeding time can be a dog’s playtime. Weird as it may sound, but some dogs savor their meals while having entertainment. As the owner, you must master the art of patience because who would know?

One day, you will find your dog licking his plate while listening to some old jazz music, munching his goodies to the beat of disco lights, or even relax beside a Jacuzzi while sipping his favorite beverage.

Feeding can be messy, too, but it is part of the fun. Dogs like to get dirty no matter where they go or what they do. If you want to stimulate their appetite, you must be ready to see plates being turned upside down.


It takes a lot of perseverance and time when it comes to giving your best friend the food that says you love them very much. You can always follow tips and consult fellow dog lovers, but in the end, it is you who knows your dog well. It can be frustrating and even disastrous along the way, but hard work always pays off in the end.

What could be more satisfying than seeing your pooch enjoy a hearty meal, right?

Author Bio:

Charles is a certified pet-lover who writes for He, together with his wife, enjoys doing volunteer work in various animal shelters at his city.

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