How to Make a Cat Tree

Cat Tree

Carpeted multi-tiered cat trees are mostly valued at between $100 and $200. However, if you are even the slightest bit skilled with tools, you can build your five-foot-tall cat tree for a fraction of the cost.

This three-legged, 4-level, 5-foot-high cat tree can be designed and installed in less than a day.

Table of Contents

It features:

  • 3 legs with sisal rope wrapped around them to a height of around 2 feet
  • A carpeted tunnel on the first floor
  • A half-round, carpeted bed on the second floor
  • A carpeted enclosed home on the third floor
  • A carpeted platform at the top floor

Basic tools required

  • Saw
  • Tape Measure
  • Utility Knife
  • Hammer
  • Power Screwdriver/Drill
  • Spray Adhesive
  • Heavy-duty glue gun with glue sticks
  • Mitre Box
  • Level


  • The Base platform:  24″ x 18″ x 4
  • Legs: 3 – 5 feet long 2” x 4” bits of wood
  • Carpet: 1 piece 9 ‘x 7’ rug of any colour
  • Quik-Tube: 4 feet of 12-inch diameter type of Quik-tube construction
  • Sisal Rope: 3 rollers of sisal rope 0f 50.’
  • Nails: 18no 3 – 4 inch long nails to bring together the top, bottom & 2×4 nails
  • 5 Corner brackets: 3 in the home, 1 in the bed and 1 in the tube.
  • Screws: 4no 3-inch long wood screws for attaching the legs to the round tube and bed
  • Plywood or MDF Wood: enough with one side open at the front to create a “house” measuring 13” wide x 16” deep & 10” high.”
  • Top piece: 22″ long x 25″ wide x 1″ thick wood


Cat Tree
  • Preparation of the three legs: Wrap with sisal rope the bottom 21’ of each leg. Start by nailing the end of the rope to the bottom of 2×4, then use your hammer and nail to wrap the rest around the 2×4 to fix it in position at 21.”
  • Add the carpet: Glue the carpet to the rest of each 2×4 to ensure that the top nail holds the sisal rope in the carpet spot.
  • Carpet the platform: For the base and top
  • Attach the legs to bottom: Nail the 2×4’s on the platform, keeping the two side legs approximately four ½inch from the edge of the platforms. Then centre the middle leg against the back of the platform.
  • Attach the legs and top: Place the top on the legs and keep it in place with lightly tapped nails, ensuring that the legs are level and perpendicular; firmly nail the top to each leg.
  • Making the House: Make use of a plastic drawer enclosure for the house at the top of the tree. This can by simply constructing a square box with one side open.
  • The House Carpet: Carpet the inside as well as outside of the house.
  • Attach the House: Keep the house in place by utilizing corner brackets. Attached the top of the brackets to the base of the house so that the bottom of the screws doesn’t fall through and injure the cat. After that, mount the brackets to the 2×4 legs using screws.
  • Quik-Tube: Calculate a tube length from one edge to the back of 24” and mark. Cut using the markings as a guide with the aid of a  utility knife, then split that piece in half to create half a bed.
  • Bed: Cover the half tube bed with carpet
  • The Tube: Chop another 19” long Quick-Tube length. Chop the tube down the middle to make it easier to cover the whole box with carpet. Align the carpet and glue the two bits of tubing back together until both sides are carpeted.
  • Connect the bed: Place the bed where you want it and use a power drill to drive screws through the bed and into 2×4 legs on the sides.
  • Brace Bracket: Insert one corner bracket into the back leg to guide the back half of the bed
  • Attach the tube: Place a bracket on the bottom of the box using glue. Put the round box in place and drill through the tube and into 2×4’s.
  • Finish: Glue the little bits of the carpet over the brackets, and you’re done!

You can take this simple template and modify it to fit the tastes of your pet. You can design it to be shorter or more expansive, but be sure not to build a top-heavy tree.

It needs to be well-built to survive the scampering on one side of many adult cats without tipping over.

Please don’t make the tree higher than 5 feet unless you tie it to the wall to keep it from falling. You can also hang toys, bells on a short string, or a catnip toy, things you feel your cats would like best. Cat tress are available for purchase on amazon.

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