Low-maintenance Pet Birds for Busy People

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We love four legged pets but we also know that two legged pets are the easiest to care for. And though we know there’s no such thing as a maintenance free pet we are however sure there are low maintenance birds because some species are easier and cheaper to care for than others.

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From finches to doves, parakeets to Canaries. There are many charming and cute birds that won’t put much demand on an owner’s time and yet they are sweet and caring companions.

1. Doves


Doves are medium sized, hardy birds who love to spend quality time interacting with their owners but can equally do just fine entertaining themselves for long hours everyday. Unlike larger birds like the macaw and cockatoo who constantly require the owners attention, doves do not need too much of your time.

Doves are a little smaller in size compared to a lot of popular pet birds so cleaning up after them usually isn’t so difficult and demanding. While it is still vital that you form a good relationship with your pet bird, these pretty, and calm birds do not require too much of your time and attention.

As long as you can keep your parrots cage clean, you’ll have a content and happy creature most of the time.

2. Finches


Finches only need you to provide them with enough flying space, some other flock mates to aid intersection and they are fine. These small birds do not require much outside cage time as long as they can interact with some other of their kind.

Finches are birds that would rather keep to themselves and only interact with their kind than their human owners. So for people who have little spare time but would like the company of a few birds in thier home, finches are the perfect option as all you need do is provide them with food and water and also clean up after them.

Having too many finches would mean cleaning up a huge pile of mess so when you limit the number of finches you own, they make only little mess and still keep each other busy.


3. Canaries


If you are bird lover that would prefer your bird is seen and heard rather than handled, then a canary is just perfect for you. Just like finches, Canaries are birds that do not like to be handled by their human owners.

These birds world rather remain in their cage and make all the noise they can from there. There are various types of Canaries you can choose from and each individual variety has a unique care requirement.

Bottom line is, if you are a busy person who doesn’t have time to spare but want pets around, this is a good choice for you

4. Parakeets


If you want a pet that you can handle, train and even talk to, then you should go a parakeet. Parakeets are birds that you don’t need to spend too much time with except when you want to teach them a few words and stimulate them mentally.

Just like most parrots bond well with their owners, parakeets love to interact with their human buddies. You can easily keep them busy than many other big species of birds.

If you keep your parakeet in a spacious cage and provide plenty of toys that care safe for birds. These birds can thrive as long as their human owners can spend a few hours a day with them.

Parakeets do not need too much time outside their cage daily unlike other species of parrots. Consider getting a big parakeet if you think it’s the best pet for you. Besides, who doesn’t love a parrot?

5. Cockatiels



Cockatiels are a low maintenance specie of parrot even though they are the ones with the highest maintenance requirement on this list. Just like parakeets, cockatiels need some out of cage time where they can interact with their human owners and be handled.

Cockatiels are not really demanding birds, they can’t talk the way other parrot species so but they are intelligent and can easily be trained to follow simple commands. If though have about two or three hours daily to spare then you can go for a cockatiels.

Your major duty would be to provide a big enough cage and some toys to keep your parrot occupied when you are away.

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