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Mistakes People Make When Buying a Horse for the First Time

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Getting any kind of pet for the first time is always an exciting experience, especially when it’s a horse. It is quite ready to fall in love easily with those giant brown eyes even though the horse batting the pair of eyes may not the right choice for a first timer.

However, picking the wrong horse could be more dangerous than fun as it may take away the joy of horse riding and other fun activities people engage in with horses.

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This article is meant to teach the basic tips on how to avoid making the most common mistakes first time horse buyers make.

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1. Buying and untrained horse

Many people who have become experienced horsemen or horse owners have mentioned seeing people make this mistake a lot. Beginners often go for untrained horses because they are cheaper and sometimes for other reasons we may not understand.

Never purchase a horse that you intend to train on your own or maybe send to a horse trainer. Training a horse take as long as for months or more and it could be very dangerous if the training does not do it carefully or correctly.

Untrained mature horses or young horses are not a reliable option for first time per owners. It is best for a bidding to adopt a horse they can enjoy per play with immediately they bring it home.

2. Turning down an old horse

Getting an older horse that has been privileged to explore the world is just perfect for a first time horse owner.

Lots of beginners shy away from buying a horse in it’s teens offer in its twenties because they consider then old.

However, in reality these so called old horses are healthy, sound, and energetic enough to be ridden into their old age most of the time.

Having light daily exercises like driving around with your horse or an early morning riding will not only be beneficial for the owner but also for the horse.

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3. Buying a young horse for the children to grow up with

This may seem like a very cute thing when you imagine it but the fact is that pairing a young horse rider with a young horse is a bad decision.

It is best to buy your kids a horse that is trained and mature so that they can saddle or ride on it immediately you bring it down from the trailer.

It is best for you to get a horse that can handle it’s self when it is faced with some of life’s not so cool situations that might have an untrained horse going crazy with fear.

A beginner might not know how to get the horse to behave right in such situations. With a strong, mature horses as a pet, your children should learn horse riding and have as much fun as possible in so much safety giving you little offer nothing to worry about.

Almost every parent put their children’s safety first and that includes when they are getting a pet.

4. Buying horses at auctions

It is almost impossible to get a great horse out of an auction sale but it happens on some occasions when the buyer has a keen eye for horses.

Horses at auctions appear calm because they are confused and trying to figure out what is going on so they freeze at that point.

Since sellers drug the horses to make them calm offer even look healthy during an auction it becomes difficult to notice possible issues the horse might have.

Things such as lameness and heaves can be easily hidden during an auction with the use of drugs

5. Impulse buying

Never buy a house at first sight though you might fall in love with it. Make sure to try the hottest over and over making sure you ask relevant questions so you don’t regret your purchase eventually.

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Go back home and sleep on the thought of buying that horse. Think about the other horses you saw at the place where you are to make the purchase and make reasonable comparisons before you return to make the purchase.

Be absolutely confident that you have made the right choice of horse so that your money is worth it.

6. Not asking for a trial period

Never be too scared to ask the seller for a trial period before you make the purchase. Most private horse owners want to ensure they sell their horses to good homes and they are confident about the about to be new owner of the pet.

Some dealers are fairy enough to agree to a trial period or even help you get another horse if the one you want isn’t fitting. Make sure to ask, and if the answer is negative, ask the dealer why and wait for the answer.

7. Buying a horse you expect too much from

You have probably pictures yourself horse racing in the local highest race competition because you have a six months horse riding experience but you have to know it doesn’t work that way.

Your six months of horse riding doesn’t mean that your horse is ready to engage in a horse race. But a horse that is fit enough or matches your skill level so that you don’t get disappointed.

No matter how old the horse is when you get it, if it isn’t one that will make your dreams come through even in the next five years, you will know when you buy it.

8. Buying a horse to breed

Have you dreamt to buying a horse that you can breed and care for a foal? Before you get a horse from an auction or a place where horses are sold for meat, looks out for those looking like they are products of a failed backyard breeding experiment.

If you finally get a horse, make sure it is one with good qualities to pass on to a foal.

9. Buying a horse of a particular colour

While it is a reasonable thing to want to get a horse of a certain color, it isn’t a wise thing to purchase a horse just because of it’s colour. If you get horses who are all and and nicely trained, you can then buy one with a computer you like.

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However, if a horse isn’t well trained, never buy it because it looks beautiful.

10. Not considering the time and cost of horse care

It is vital that you know that taking care of a horse can be financially demanding before you buy one. Horses are not going to stop eating or drinking simply because it’s week end of you are broke.

Consider the time and money you have and be honest with yourself about how much you can afford to spend.

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