National Black Dog Day

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No doubt there are millions of dog lovers around the globe, but there is something that makes potential pet owners walk past our canine buddies with black fur every time they go to animal shelters.

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This disinterest in black dogs have become so common over time that it even earned the name “black dog syndrome”. To draw attention and help dogs with ebony fur, the first day of October every year, has been set aside as National black dog day.

The National black dog day was established by Colleen Paige who is a Celebrity Pet & Family Lifestyle Expert. The purpose of this day is to create awareness on the need to pay attention to black dog shelters and help our dark canine buddies find a home.

The reason why people hardly notice black dogs in shelters range from superstition, to poor lighting of shelters that make these dogs almost invisible, and also shelters not putting up photos that clearly show all the beautiful features of black dogs.

On the first of October 2018, we at petcrub encourage all dog lovers to visit a canine shelter and show some love to an ebony furred dog. Adopt one, and tell other people how beautiful and friendly black dogs are.

Happy National black dog day!

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