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Researchers Analyze Safety of Industrial Hemp as Cattle Feed

A pair of studies at Kansas State University is bringing new insight to farmers and producers seeking to incorporate industrial hemp in...

Gulls Pay Attention to Human Eyes

Herring gulls notice where approaching humans are looking, and flee sooner when they're being watched, a new study shows.

Just Because We Love Invasive Animals, Doesn’t Mean We Should Protect Them

On an island off the Queensland coast, a battle is brewing over the fate of a small population of goats.

Farmers’ Quick Sale of Poultry During Outbreaks May Increase Deadly Virus Transmission

Small-scale poultry farmers in Vietnam tend to respond to viral outbreaks of highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) by rapidly selling their birds...

Acorn Woodpeckers Wage Days-long Battles Over Vacant Territories, Radio Tag Data Show

When acorn woodpeckers inhabiting high-quality territories die, nearby birds begin a battle royal to win the vacant spot. Researchers used radio tags...

Researchers Identify Five Types of Cat Owner

Cat owners fall into five categories in terms of their attitudes to their pets' roaming and hunting, according to a new study.