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What to Do if Your Pet Gets Sprayed by a Skunk?

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Skunks may seem to be the smelly bad guys, but they are no troublemakers in reality. Skunks are animals that would rather mind their business than randomly attack except when they feel threatened or provoked.

The hours around dusk and dawn every day is the time where you can find skunks foraging for what to eat, but if you make the mistake of startling them during this time, they would have no choice but to give you a dose of the smelly spray nobody wants.

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If your animal has mistakenly startled a skunk and got sprayed, the first thing you want to do is get rid of the smell. But after that do you ever wonder if there are any medical conditions that you should bother about?

Well, the answer to whether any illness can form getting sprayed by a skunk most of the time is no. However, what if the spray got into your pet’s eyes or you notice any sign of injury on your pet? You would find out what to do as you read further.

Sprayed in the eyes by a skunk


You know how it is that you reflexively blink your eyes whenever anything is coming towards it, well that is not only a human thing animals do that too. After all, they are living things, aren’t they? But when it comes to a skunk spray, it can happen fast.

If you notice your pet is blinking fast (this is called blepharospasm), or you notice your pet is experiencing redness or tearing this could mean that they have been sprayed by a skunk in the eyes.

To apply first aid when you notice the symptoms of skunk spray in your pet’s eyes make sure to flush out the eyes with clean water or better still wash with sterile saline eyewash. Do not make the mistake of using the solution meant for disinfecting contact lenses to wash your pet’s eyes.

Because of the discomfort, your pet will be feeling it may be tempted to paw at or scratch its eyes. Make sure to prevent this as it may lead to secondary complications and take your pet immediately to see a veterinary doctor.

If the eye irritation continues it means that your path may be suffering from the caustic effect of the skunk oil. Some of the effects of skunk oil include uveitis, conjunctivitis, and corneal ulceration. All these are conditions are very painful and require immediate attention from your veterinarian.

The good part, however, is that these conditions are very rare but whenever they happen, they can easily lead to something more complicated which is why it is important that you consult a vet if after washing your pets are you notice there is no change.

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Carefully check for wounds

I skunks are naturally not fighters instead they are sprayers but when provoked their sharp teeth and claws can become weapons for self-defence. If your pet has had an encounter with a skunk check its body carefully for any wounds and if you notice there are wounds, please visit your vet immediately.

No matter how tiny or unserious the wound may look, it is important that you do not overlook it because the wounds are usually deeper inside and more serious than what you see on the surface. Wounds from skunk by could easily become a place for germs to reside in a few days and that would lead to more complicated health problems for your pet.

Skunks can also carry rabies which is another reason why your path must always be up to date with its vaccination.

The toxic effect of skunk spray

It is right to hear of the toxic effects of skunk spray, but it is not impossible. The toxicity of skunk spray can be very severe to the point where it sometimes leads to death. This usually happens when the victim gets sprayed in an enclosed environment. Dogs that find their way into a skunk then and get paid can collapse in a short time or even experienced a condition known as Heinz body anaemia.

This goes to tell you that skunks may be little, but they sure have a stink whose effect is mightier than your giant sized dog can handle.

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