Pet Sitting as a Job

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Did you know that the pet industry is growing at a rapid pace? In 1994 the market value of pet sitting was 17 billion, today it is reached a market value of $60.59 billion.

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More and more pet parents are looking for someone to take care of their cat or dog while they are at work. This is an up and coming job in our society.

One that anyone with a little hard work and dedication can do once they know what is involved.  Establishing a dog walking or pet sitting business can be an exciting endeavor; however, you should follow the correct steps so that your business is set up properly.

Pet parents are seeking out day caretakers for their pets and if they don’t put their pet in day-care, they will often hire a walker so that their pet gets out for a good walk during the day. You can combine both a pet sitting and a dog walking business and have an exciting, profitable enterprise.

To establish this type of business, you will need to know how to do research so that you can determine precisely how a pet sitting service works and what is acceptable or expected in your area.

It wasn’t long ago that pet owners did not have many choices concerning what to do with their pet when they were away.

Pet Sitting

Out of this need, and in the process of looking for someone to take care of their pet, pet owners have found that there has been a new business that has evolved; this business provides the best of both worlds for both the pet and the pet owner.

Pet sitting involves babysitting another person’s pet while they are out either working, away on vacation or doing whatever for an extended length of time.

They could even be in the hospital for some time when they hire someone to watch over their precious bundle of joy.


While most of the time pet sitting involves watching a dog or cat, some people may hire a pet sitter to watch their bird or rabbit, or any type of pet they may have that needs care while they are away.

Pet sitting can take place in your home or in the home of the pet. Although it is up to you how you want to set up your business, going to the pet’s house is much easier for you and much more convenient for the pet and the pet owner.

Pet sitting, because you draw up a contract between you and your client, is a contract service industry that takes care of people’s pets.

This provides pet owners with alternative options while they are working or are away from home. People’s pets have become like children to many owners so more people are hiring pet sitters and dog walkers than they ever did in the past. So if you are a parent looking to start a business this might be the one for you.

Taking care of a pet in someone else’s home is much easier for the pet in the long run. They are less traumatized because they are not being removed from their familiar surroundings.

The pet owner also receives a double benefit in that there is someone looking after their home.

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