My Story: Quest For The Big Dog

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For years I have put off getting a family dog. We have tried a variety of pets such as hamsters, fish, kittens, and even a bird; the bird turned out to be the most entertaining by far.

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Something felt a little missing though, and these pets never lasted long. The kittens don’t last because mom is allergic, the hamster was accidentally freed, the fish ended up floating at the top of the bowl.

Above all of that, those pets just were not very cuddly either. It is kind of difficult to cuddle with a fish or a hamster that would bite if it felt panicked!

For years of my life (both childhood and adulthood) I have always wanted a big dog. I had noticed however that my youngest seemed to be afraid of larger breeds, unless he had been around them from their start.

When it comes to children and dogs, there are many things to consider, the most important thing being whether or not the dog will be a good fit with the whole family.

We all wanted a bigger dog, because smaller ones just did not seem to fit in with our active lifestyle. So I took on the task of perusing pet sites on social networking sites, and our goal became locating a puppy to rescue.

It took almost a year from the day we decided to bring a puppy into our lives before I found one that was just too adorable to resist.

There he was, tan, brown, and black, his head too big for his body, his ears too big for his head, and eyes just shined for some love. The people holding him, his last stop before heading to a “kill shelter,” figured he was a Boxer mix.

Just looking at him in the photo, we figured more like a Mastiff mix, and I knew he was waiting for our family to rescue him.

Our trip to the vet determined our new puppy to be about 7 and a half weeks old, growing fast, and the breed decided upon was Daniff, which is half Great Dane and half Mastiff.


Our subsequent trips to the vet getting all the shots in order and monitoring weight showed us we were going to have a very large dog on our hands.

This excited us all, and watching him grow these past two years has been amazing. Now he can stand on his hind paws, with his front paws on my shoulders and look at me face-to-face, and I am 5’6”!

I really lucked out with the puppy stages as well; he did not cry all night due to separation anxiety and was already well on his way to being potty trained.

The crying and the messes inside were my biggest concerns, so this really worked out to our advantage as they were both very limited.

Big Dog

What we did not expect (though really we should have) was how loud our big boy was going to bark. Everyone becomes aware of his presence within a two block radius!

The best part is that my two boys have decided that Bowzer is their third brother, and we could not imagine our lives without this overgrown lap dog inching into the slimmest spots on the couch to sit next to us.

Between the wrestling matches, the games of fetch and Frisbee, and running, there has never been a better match for our family in terms of pets, dog or otherwise.

Sure, there may be hair everywhere, and we get nailed with unexpected kisses after we have been apart for a couple of hours, but those things are small in comparison to the love the four of us feel for each other!

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