Should You Get A Family Pet?

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The kids have been bugging you for weeks to get a pet, but you’re not sure it’s a good idea. They promise to take care of it, but life is hectic enough without adding an animal into the mix. Before you answer yes or no take some time and give it some thought.

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Pets are a great way to teach responsibility. Pet owners are less likely to suffer depression because they always have unconditional love and acceptance. Children learn compassion while caring for their pets.

Teaching a pet a new trick also teaches a child perseverance and a sense of accomplishment. It will get them off the couch and give them exercise if the pet you choose needs to be walked or is playful.

It’s best to get all your ducks in a row before making a final decision by considering your families habits and finances.

  • Do you have the extra space?
  • Will it get along with other pets you already have?
  • Can you afford the basic needs of food and water along with extras like vet bills and shots?
  • Is your child old enough and mature enough to take on the responsibility?
  • How big will the animal grow to be?
  • Who will care for your pet when you are away?
  • Is anyone allergic or asthmatic?
  • Do you really have the time?

Learn As Much As You Can About The Pet You Decide On.

  • Read pets guides that explain the background, personalities, proper care, and equipment needed.
  • Ask friends about their experiences with the same animal.
  • Find out from the breeder, pet shop, or shelter whether they get along with kids or other animals.

Set Rules For Safe Handling Of Pets

  • Never squeeze, drop, or pick up a too quickly. This could harm or scare them.
  • Never tease or pull on ears and tails.
  • Never take toys or bones away.
  • Never bother them while they are eating, sleeping, or caring for their young.
  • Never approach an animal you don’t know.
  • Always wash hands with soap and water after playing with or touching your pet.

The decision to get a family pet should not be taken lightly, nor should it be made in the spur of the moment because the neighbors have a litter of kittens or puppies they need to find homes for.

Your pet will become a member of your family and that requires a long commitment. Understand that after the initial thrill of getting a pet wears off your kids may not keep that promise of taking care of them, so you as the parent are ultimately responsible.

Thinking ahead will ensure many years of joy and happiness with your new friend.

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