Top 5 Kids Friendly Pets

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Toys are the only way to a kid’s heart. That is a myth to be debunked in this article. We’re drawn to getting our kids to play pretend with lifeless animal dolls, put a five minutes smile on their face with two short McDowell candies, and other not-so-growth-building materials and ideas.

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Unfortunately, those toys don’t really teach our kids good properties like; passion, care, kindness, love, and responsibility to mention a few.

Luckily, I and my team have just discovered the best pets for kids to bring all of the good qualities into your wards right from now. We’ve made researches into the past and present (unfortunately we don’t know what the future holds) to pick the best five from a handful of children’s pets of all-time.

Bringing any of the pets below into your family is rewarding, exciting, tasking, and intelligence-seeking, so don’t think twice if you’re on a lookout for pets for children and bring life to your family with these guys. See below.

5 Sweet Pets for Kids

Here are our picks on the pets you should get for kids today.

1. Cats

Sphynx Cat

Cats are one of the most amazing house pets. They are not only cute, gentle, loving, but also adaptive to changes. They’ve been reported by experts to be the pets with the most cutest eyes, as well as most active.

Cats are believed to possess a sense of affection, so any cat will easily win the heart of your kiddo, giving him the perfect partner who understands him. Yes, cats are so understanding and understandable. With all of these good features, cats are easily raised, you will be spending nothing beyond 150$/week on 3 cats’ feed with vaccination excluded.

If it’s okay by your family to let your cats live freely like a regular family member, letting it stay on the couch, sleep together with your ward on his bed, and the likes, then do so, that seem the less expensive way to raise a cat but a little bit strenuous as you’ve to be on a regular look for its activities.


Another option is keeping in a cat flap installed where rain is less to reach. Make sure you get a walking rope or tag for your child perhaps he may want to take it for a walk.

When choosing a cat for children, make an outreach to your child to know if he likes it or not, you may buy an album of cute cats’ pictures and allow him to look often into it.

He may start growing likeness for cats and one day will surprise you with, I want a cat! Get him the color, sex, and breed he chooses from the album picture, and watch him grow up with it.

2. Tortoise

Greek TortoisesAccording to some mythology, tortoise is the wisest animal owing to its gentleness, quietness, and awareness. Tortoise has a longer lifespan than many other species from the class reptile, owing to its diet.

Whatever your pick is among the low maintenance pets, be sure to put tortoise around the top low maintenance pet. Apart from their diet which may cling a little bit hard on your wallet, taking care of a tortoise is as easy as anything.

Although, the best way to raise a tortoise as a pet is by creating an open space pen as tortoise like to move about in the feeling of nature, however, you can keep a tortoise indoor with in a little glass house with natural decoration. Tortoise does not require expensive vaccination like most pets do, but I must warn that they have a money-demanding belly.

Never let a library run out of books, so they say. The same thing applies to tortoise in terms of diet. Never let a tortoise run out of roughages, especially fiber active supplements.

According to research, a tortoise is best gifted a pet to a girl child as most boys won’t be able to keep up with its gentleness, slowness, and meekness.

Luckily, if you have a boy in love with tortoise and can’t wait to have one as a pet, there’re some few breeds that are a little bit faster than the normal slow ones. But below is the best pet for boys.

3. Dogs

Destructive Puppy Behaviour


Everybody love dogs, in fact, dogs are the most raised animals in the world, and are the closest to man. Aside from being understanding, they’re affectionate and loyal to whoever they know as a master.

Make your child a master of his dig today by getting him a low maintenance dog that suits his taste. First off, it is important to bear in mind that a pet should grow with your kid, by this, they will be sharing a lot of things in common right from the beginning to the end.

So, if your kiddo is around 3-5 years of age, a puppy around some days or weeks will be the right gear. Dogs are perfect for indoor and outdoor, though a little bit demanding, they’ll get into any form of children’s play with your children while keeping them safe.

Watch your carefree child take responsibility of his little puppy bathing and combing together with it. A white-fur dog though is cutest, but your child may not be up to keeping it clean, so any another color will do. All you’ve to do is feed and wash it up weekly.

4. Rabbits

Obesity in Rabbits

Rabbits won’t cut into your time nor your schedule. Rabbits are intelligent animals capable of taking care of themselves when there’s none around to do that for them.

But I must warn you that they are very social, I call them the great socialist animal. If you won’t be having all the time to chat with your rabbit, it is better to get more than one to keep company with it.

The good news about raising a rabbit is you don’t need to know how to raise a pet like a pro. Just feed as much as you can and allow your youngster to spend much time with it.

5. Fish

Blood Parrot Cichlid Fish

I’m adding this to my list due to the public demand for best aquatic pets or best water pets. Fish are lovely, they will continue to raise excitement in your child, drawing him to swimming and other water fun activities.


Thinking of raising a goldfish? I’d advise another freshwater like angelfish, zebrafish, or even a barb fish is okay in your little tank. Why? Goldfish produce so much waste and this will cut into your time as you’ll have to change the water regularly.

Nevertheless, if spending your time on that won’t be a headache, then go ahead and grab that goldfish you admire and watch your youngster spend the day by the tank.

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