10 Types of Horse Breeds

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According to a survey of horse lovers, some breeds were discovered to be fan favorites. For the aim of the study, horses were scientifically grouped as members of “Equus ferus caballus” that generally mature to be 58 inches (14.2 hands or 150 cm) or taller.

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Ponies, on the other hand, were grouped as members of “Equus caballus” that reach maturity at less than 14.2 hands. Read on to see if one of your favorite horse types or breeds make the list.

American quarter horse

American quarter horse

Topping the list, with 20% votes, is the American quarter horse. Famous for its gentleness, agility, and athleticism, these healthy horses earned its respect from both professionals and beginners alike.

They naturally stand out in the show ring or on the trail. The American quarter currently has the largest breed registry around the globe and is enjoyed nationwide.


arabians horse

Next to the American quarter horse is the Arabian horse in second place. Also referred to as mixed Arabian, this horse got itself 14% votes. Arabians may not be some individuals’ first choice, but some beginners recorded starting with Arabians.

Surprisingly, the Arabian breed registry remains the oldest breed registry on the globe. Every light breed can find its genetic link back to the Arabian.


Thoroughbreds horse


Firmly behind the Arabian horse, with 13% votes, is the Thoroughbred. This horse might not be everyone’s favorite, but some are convenient for beginners.

Some track-racing horses find alternative careers as driving and riding horses. They are active both as pleasure horses in backyard riding and in a competitive discipline like jumping and dressage.


Appaloosa horse

In fourth place, is the colorful and strong Appaloosa horse. With 9% votes, this horse was initially developed by the Nez Perce Native Americans.

Almost near extinction, the Appaloosa was recovered by a few dedicated breeders.

This brilliantly spotted horse has won the admiration of countless horse lovers. Most people believe the Appaloosa horse is the descendant of American quarter horse, thoroughbred, and Arabian mixed in.


Warmbloods horse

Although many other light horses and the quarter horse breeds are actually warmbloods—Trakehners, Hanoverians, Canadians, Cleveland bays, and Belgian warmbloods were ground under the fifth most popular.

Most of the European horse breeds were bred for war. This caused them to grow larger bones, and it made them more phlegmatic than many light horse breeds.


Ponies horse


Grabbing the sixth position are ponies like the elegant Welsh and the plucky Shetland. Due to their shorter stature, many people prefer to learn to ride on ponies. Shorter horses are less intimidating, especially since the distance people might fall from is shorter.

Morgan Horse

Morgan Horse

Holding the seventh place on the most popular horse is the Morgan, with its elegance, strength, and history is as much a popular horse as it is a cultural icon. The Morgan horse is the official horse breed of Vermont, and during the earliest years in America, the horse strength was used for tiling and clearing New England farms.

It is a popular riding and driving horse today. It is very dependable over rough trails as it is dignified and refined in the show ring.

Grade Horses

Grade Horse

Of no specific or known breeding and in the eight position is the Grade horse. People who enjoy horse riding and have ridden for some time may have Grade horses among their favorite and in their riding histories.

Even though Grade horses don’t have a unique pedigree, they are still able to do things other horses can do. Many Grade horses also make great beginners horses.

Gaited Breeds

Gaited Horse

At number nine position are the Gaited breeds. These horse breeds comprise of horses that are selectively bred for their natural ability to maintain a smooth ride. Their movement can be compared to as ambling gaits.

Breeds like the Kentucky mountain saddle horse and the Tennessee walker, Gaited breeds, are popular choices for elder riders who have complications with their backs and knees. Gaited breeds favor riders looking for a bounce-free ride.


Draft Breeds

Draft Horse

In tenth place is the Draft breeds. The Percheron horse, the Clydesdale, and other heavy horse breeds earn themselves the title of the gentle giants of the horse world. Draft crosses can make ideal beginners horses as they are often kind and docile.

So tell us what you think. What horses do you have in mind? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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