Where to Position Your Cat’s Litter Box?

Cat's Litter Box

Cats are very finicky creatures, and I’m sure you know that by now. If you are thinking of where to place your cat’s litter box, then I’d like to assume that you have successfully potty trained your pet.

Congratulations! If you haven’t potty trained your pet yet and you need tips, feel free to make use of our article on potty training cats.

So down to business, you do not like it when people watch you poop, and your cat certainly doesn’t like it too, so the first thing you should know as a cat owner is that your pet deserves the privacy it desires.

The correct placement of your cat’s litter box is crucial because of how fussy this creature can be about its poop thing.

Besides, no sane person would want to place a litter box in the middle of their living room or around the kitchen close to food items.

One other basic knowledge you should have as a cat owner is that it is never okay to have only one litter box for your cat.

This might seem funny, but if you have more than one cat, there is a tendency they will never agree to share a single litter box.

If you, however, have only one cat, that cat might not want to poop and pee in the same litter box (it’s a kind of one plus one thing cats do).

Now that we have learned the basics let us check out the factors regarding litter box placement.

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1. A private location

It can never be overemphasized that cats love privacy, especially when they have to poop.

Many humans have never seen a cat poop and may never see that happen in their entire life.

Even stary cats find a private place to do their shitty business, so it is your duty to provide that privacy for your pet.

The reason cats like to hide when they eliminate water is far from modesty, and it is actually the freeway of being attacked by an enemy when they are most vulnerable.

You can place the litter box in a guest bathroom or even the wardrobe in the first room if you have one. If your place is tiny, pick any corner you think will give your pet some privacy and place the litter box there.

2. A quiet location

As a human being, I love to poop when it is peaceful and quiet. In fact, the toilet is the best place to be when you need to concentrate, and even your cat knows that.

Never keep your cat’s litter box in a corridor or any part of your house where people have to walk through too often.

If you must use the laundry room as your cat’s litter box house, make sure you place the box far away from appliances so that the washing machine and the dryer don’t make noises that will stress the poor pet.

3. Keep the box far from food

Apart from the fact that it is unhealthy to keep a litter box close to or around your food area. It is not OK to have your cat pass out waste around where he has his food dishes.

Your pet might find it uncomfortable and decide to poop in the places you least expect.

4. Don’t trap your cat

The same way you like to prank an unsuspecting family member or startle them when they are trying to come through the door, cats do that too, and it is not cool.

Put your cat’s litter box in a place that will not allow the other cats in the house the opportunity to play mind games on them when they are done pooping.

5. Don’t make your cat climb up or down the stairs to poop

While it might be an easy task for some cats to run up and down the stairs, if you are dealing with an ancient cat or a kitten, you just might be asking for too much.

Your cat might start to avoid using the litter box because getting to it is a stressful endeavor.

If you have a dark basement and think of it as the best place to put the cat’s litter box, please eliminate that thought right away because your pet won’t like the idea (If I were a cat, I wouldn’t poop in the dark either).

6. Keep the door open

After you must have stressed to potty train your pet and you have found the right spot for the litter box, the last thing you want to do is make the box inaccessible to the owner.

Closing the door to where your cat’s litter box is is the definition of taking five steps forward and ten steps back.

Because these creatures are incapable of opening doors, they will end up pooping anywhere they find comfortable.

Making sure that your cat can also get to its litter box is as important as finding the right spot for the box.

7. Get a litter box furniture

If you live in a small apartment, it is very reasonable if you can’t find a place hidden enough to place your pet’s litter box.

Thanks to the internet, you can connect with different companies that advertise furniture for animals, and they always have something for your cat’s litter box.

Litter box furniture range from fancy and colorful, to simpler bamboo cabinet and wooden pieces.

When you buy one of these, you can place them in your bathroom, and your cat will be super excited to use them.

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