Why Gifting a Dog This Holiday Is a Bad Idea

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So you have been thinking of what present to give to your loved one for Christmas and finally you got a dog or a puppy with a tiny red bow. Well it’s the thought that counts most of the time, but in this case you just might be making a little bit of a mistake.

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There are plenty of reasons why giving a dog or a puppy as a present isn’t exactly good idea. It is neither an ideal situation for the new dog owner of the dog usually.

If you are in search of a great gift for your loved one, there are several others you can choose from. If your loved one is a dog lover you could get them a stuffed dog instead of an actual one.

Dogs as gifts for adults only


First of all, have you asked yourself if the person in question wants a dog? even if the person once so dog another question you must ask is if the person is ready for such responsibility.

If you are certain the person you want to get this dog for is actually a dog lover, there is a reasonable explanation for why the person doesn’t have a dog yet. And even if the person does have a dog, it might not be exactly a good idea to get them a second one.

There is also a a chance that the person would rather pick a dog that will be suitable for their home than have someone else do the picking for them so the best you can do.

What you can do instead of getting them a dog, is to discuss dog ownership with them and probably accompany them when they decide to purchase a dog of your own. Either way, it is best to get them a gift that is not a living thing as its way safer.

Dogs as gift for kids


Many kids dream about getting a dog or puppy as a christmas present. However, what these young ones do not know is that being a dog owner comes with a whole lot of responsibilities.

In no time, either mum or dad will have to take responsibility for caring for the dog. So if you’re not the parents of a kid, you have no right getting them a dog unless the parents of the child is in support.

If the child or children are yours then make sure you discuss the responsibilities that come with dog ownership with them before you make up your mind to surprise them with the dog is the child or children are yours then make sure you discussed the responsibilities that come with dog ownership with them before you make up your mind to surprise them with a dog.

You must also examine your home properly so we show what kind of dog will be perfect for the kids.

Why the holidays are the worst time to give a dog as a present

Gifting dogs as a gift during the holidays has been thought to be a good idea for a long time. But actually, it is wrong timing. The reason the holidays are a bad time to give someone a dog is that the season is usually hectic for everyone.

This it would become very easy to forget a dog during the hustle and bustle of the season. Even if you choose to give someone a dog as a birthday present, it can become more of a burden than a gift when the responsibilities begin to creep in.

Worse still, especially if you’re giving the dog or puppy to a child, the novelty of having a new puppy would wear off in a short while and then the dog would be left all alone as nobody would probably have it’s time ( just like what happens to new games and toys after a while).

What to give instead of a dog?

If the person you’re getting the present for really want to have a dog, there are some other things you can do to make the process easier. For a Christmas gift you could give them dog supplies, or a book about dog ownership. All of those will get them ready for the task ahead.


Then discuss with them about when they would like to pick up their first dog and offer to go with them. This way you’re helping them startup the family with a pet instead of adding a burden.

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