Why Two Dogs Are Better Than One?

Two Dogs

Are you looking to add some more love to your home? Getting a pet is the easiest way to make that dream a reality especially if you decide to get a dog. Canines can bring us plenty of love, and their loyal, hilarious and adorable nature is a plus.

Many dog owners have begun to see their canines are members of the family. With all this sweetness coming from one dog, one would be tempted to ask “what could be better than one dog?” well, the answer to that is two dogs.

While people mostly do not recommend having more than one puppy at a time, whether you decide to have one big dog and a puppy of two big dogs, the fact is that you’ve got so much to benefit from having them. Even the two canines and the rest of your family stand to benefit so much so this is something you should consider.

As you read further, you will discover why you need to get not one, but two canines to join the family.

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Mutual entertainment and exercise

For the health, development, socialisation, happiness, and total well-being of any canine, training is vital. However, exercising your dog can take up much of your time. Depending on the size, breed, age, and energy level of your dog, you may have to spend between half an hour or two hours daily to exercise them.

So you want your dog to get plenty of exercises, but you don’t have that kind of time to spare, the easiest thing to do is get another dog. Even though it is imperative that you spend some personal time with each dog daily, when there is more than one dog in the house, they can keep each other busy.

Plus your dog never gets bored in your absence so you can efficiently run errands, go to school or work without feeling bad that your pet would be lonely and maybe destructive.

Older dogs may make it easier to train your puppy

While it may be somewhat difficult to teach an old dog new tricks, showing a new dog new tricks is a lot more comfortable when there is an old dog around. Dogs are naturally packed animals, so they look at the leader of their pack to learn.

This means that when you introduce a new dog to the family, the older dog will automatically become a teacher and it would be easy for the new canine to learn all the house rules and some tricks.

Puppy training is less stressful with an older well-trained dog in the house because all the young one has to do is to watch the older dog for guidance and shape his or her behaviour after her.

Potty training your puppy will also be more comfortable because canines love to poop where their friends have popped so your puppy just might be potty training itself be watching the older dog.

Separation anxiety will be eased

A lot of dog owners have noticed that their canine buddies suffer from separation anxiety and it can make you feel guilty wherever you have to leave them home alone.

While some dogs will grow out of it, some others may get worse and even require medication, specialised training, and maybe emotional therapy.

One easy way to solve thought dog’s separation anxiety problem is to bring home another dog. While you are away handling your daily activities, both dogs will provide emotional support for each other and make it easier for the one with separation anxiety to stay calm and collected.

Even when you are around and have other things to do, your dogs won’t bother seeking for the attention because they have each other to play with.

You’ll save a second life

Another reason you may want to adopt two dogs is that you’ll be saving two lives instead of one. Did you know that an estimated 2.3 million dogs every year go into animal shelters? And about 1.2 million dogs are also euthanised.

Giving two dogs a place to stay and showing them all the love you have to offer is a great way to save their lives and make the world a better place for canines.

It doesn’t cost so much

Great news for dog parents: You can double the love and cuteness without doubling the money you have to spend. Asides from having to take both dogs for regular immunisations and check-ups, having two dogs will not cost you more than having one.

Dogs are good at sharing things including treats, toys, beds, and everything else. The only thing though need to put into consideration is the formula you are feeding your puppy. Ask a vet of its OK for your big dog and puppy to share the same food.

Get double the love and protection

Nothing beats having more than one dog in your home because the unconditional love you get from these furry friends is double. Dogs are loyal and protective of you so having more than one of them is like giving yourself a gift of love and protection that you deserve.

We know that having more than one dog can be a little demanding sometimes. However, the pros are more than the cons, and it’s worth the investment.

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