World Animal Protection

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World animal protection was formerly known as WSPA (World Society for the Protection of Animals) has moved the world to protect our animal buddies for the last three decades.

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Though their name may have changed, their work remains the same – and their determination to preserve the animals of our planet remains the same.

Animals are an essential part of life on earth, but they are exposed to so many risks. Protecting them is our responsibility. That is exactly what the World Animal Protection is about.

Who or what is world animal protection

WAP protects animals all over the world. It is what they have always done before the change of name, and they always will.

Because every day, in all countries of the world, millions of animals are going through so much suffering. And the World Animal Protection seeks to be known by more people so they can protect more suffering animals around the world. This goal is why they had a change of name.

And that is why they chose a name that is clearer and passes the message of their ultimate goal. That is why they are now known as World Animal Protection.

The benefits of changing their name to World Animal Protection

Their new name demonstrates who they really are and what they do. The name World Animal Protection will help more people know what they do and what they seek to achieve. And knowing what this organization does will encourage more people to support them in protecting animals.

Why the new name won’t change what they do


Though there has been a change of name, the core purpose of the organization stays the same. The WAP strongly believes that their change of name has made their purpose stronger.

And the new amendment does not mean they will forget their past, either. The new name will help them protect their heritage by ensuring they keep protecting animals as they have done for the past 50 years.

World Animal Protection works with external organizations

World Animal Protection has been working and will continue to work closely with the UN, governments, businesses, communities, and other animal welfare organizations. And they are always in search of new partners to assist them in moving the world to protect animals.

The World Animal Protection work around the globe

World Animal Protection has been working from its 14 country offices in North and Latin America, Africa, Asia Pacific, and Europe.

Why supporters of World Animal Protection don’t need to change a thing

If you have been a supporter of the work the World Animal Protection did before they had a change of name, there is no need to change any commitment to them in your Will, or your CAF vouchers. They remain the same organization, which means payment will still get to them.

You can join the struggle for animal protection by clicking here.

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